Response to Jeanae’s Excellent Question:


If we just think of ordinary citizens in the Middle East as inanimate objects that if by accident are killed because they are standing in the area of a person targeted for drone death. No matter how deserving that death may be; I think we risk a great danger to our own core sense of what is permissible in war and in peace. It will going forward, inform what we will allow ourselves to do to others outside of the US; and what we will allow ourselves to do to ourselves inside of the US. If we even think about the way we talk about “bombing” Iran. We speak of bombing Iran as if Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs live in the country  alone. Actions are not free of consequences;  for example, we will see how the situation in Mali plays out. But if the Malian army does not learn how to properly treat prisoners of war; they will remove all incentives on the part of the insurgents to surrender. The argument: “well they (the insurgents) are brutal and don’t follow the rules of war”; won’t work, they are a governmental army and must always operate at a higher moral and ethical standard. I think that is also true of us.