Howard students sue AKA sorority for Human Rights Violations; “Can I get a witness to..”

“Alleging Human Rights Violations, Howard Students Sue to Get Into Sorority”; Washington City Paper; 3/5/13


            “Can I get a witness”, to real Human Rights Violations that exist in the world? My first thoughts ran toward the “idle hands and devil’s workshop theory”; meaning: Don’t these young folks have more/better work to do? Maybe their parents should sue Howard for not working them hard enough academically (just kidding, no more suing!). Imagine our AKA joining the disgraced ranks of the leadership of North Korea; a group that systemically starves their population of food and freedom; or the modern day slave traffickers operating in parts of Africa. AKA, human rights violators, give me a break! This action belittles the meaning and terrible pain that real human rights violations inflict on many of the citizens of our planet.  I am Just wondering if we can possibly raise the bar a bit on the issue of “Human Rights Violations”. Or, at the very least tutor some public school students in walking distance of the Howard campus; children, whose basic human right to be educated is violated every day (The UN DECLARATION OF THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD; Sec. 7) What we most need, must have right now is educational “Spartans” (those were the ancient Greeks who prefer fighting over philosophizing). We need college students who are learners and fighters for a better world. Students who see the “big picture” purpose of education that has been the historical hallmark and  connecting theme of all HBCU’s.  And I would think that Howard with its proud civil rights traditions could inspire students to take on at least one of the many real human rights violations issues that exist in, and outside of the U.S.

      Shame on them, and shame on those of  us who are their educators for not adequately raising their consciousness, sensitivity and commitment to righting “real” wrongs in the world….Forgive us: Carter G. Woodson, Zora Neale Hurston, Thurgood Marshall, Toni Morrison, E.E. Just, Doris Evans McGinty, Kenneth Clark, Vashti Murphy McKenzie, Kelly Miller, Pearl Cleage, David Blackwell, Edison O. Jackson, Beth A. Brown, E. Franklin Frazier, Elizabeth Catlett, et al…….For, how far we have fallen!