A Bush-Whacking, Back-Slapping, Crowd Pleasing Interview

(Or does the “Education Governor” have low expectations; and low Teaching & Learning standards?)

         Has the concept of ‘hypocrisy’ gone out of style? Imagine, utilizing a divisive statement to explain how an opponent was ‘divisive. A good linguistic magic trick to use, if no one notices. Now, I know good high school English teachers have continued the practice of teaching the conceptual understanding of words like “Irony,” “contradiction” and “Paradox,” through fictional text (novels, short stories). Is this then, an example of the dumbing down of public speaking? The conservative Republican version of, “keeping it real”?  Perhaps, this is just another example of the type of hubris we see so often in the world of politics that says; “I will just say it, and since very few people fact-check, read or listen critically, I can get away with it”. I have found it intellectually painful to watch some elected official pontificate proudly and poorly on the female physiology, as if they had never set foot inside of a high school Biology class. But what of all of those millions of Americas who did get into that Biology class; do these politicians really expect to fool all of them? This does not bode well for the 2016 candidacy of the “Education Governor.” And if by some chance, he does get elected in 2016 (Yikes, NCLB-2 the sequel coming to close a school near you); we are in trouble, if he turns out to be a poorly educated president.

           Unlike one of my favorite fictional characters, Jack Ryan (Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games); there are some performances you don’t want to ever see repeated. We left our last adventures in the “Bush”; searching for “weapons of mass destruction” which like The Russian submarine in “Red October,” was fictional. But in the case of Bush 2; the two wars that followed were very real, deadly, painful and costly. We saw the Clinton surpluses turned tragically into deficits; and unregulated financial raiders played the very Unpatriotic Game of mugging the American taxpayers; and then making them pay to replace the stolen money. They were “Too big to fail”, but not too big to fail to steal.

             But I do hope our “educational governor”, has higher proposals for English Language Standards than what was presented in this “Face the Nation” Interview.  Perhaps he was attempting to “meet” his reality challenged fan club at a ‘standard level’ for which they could grasp, and would feel comfortable.  And then hope that anyone else watching who took more than 2 classes of high school English utilized his air time as a bathroom break. Unfortunately, his “red meat” pitch to the anti-obamaist fails horribly as a teaching methodology. As an educator you must always strive to take a student to a higher level of competency. It is not where they are; but rather, what they can become, and what they will be able to do greater, and better, after encountering you. He could have taught an authentic lesson utilizing (Bad Research, Wishful Thinking; and in the end, “You can’t hurry love”. http://majmuse.net ) on the rational for the Republican loss to a sitting president in the face of a very slow recovering economy. The race was the Republicans to lose, and that’s exactly what they did. But I suspect that the angry right wing crowd watching was not in the mood for meta-cognition (thinking about what’s going on in their own heads); or a thoughtfully deconstructed political analysis of the last presidential campaign. That type of approach would not allow them to pour salt on their own festering wounds of resentment.

        If in the future Mr. Bush does opt for a more pedagogically authentic (honestly teach) route; I would refer, and recommend him to the now infamous “47%” Mitt Romney speech,” and the “spiting mad”, and literally “Spiting mad Tea Party demonstrators”; both available on YouTube. There he will find two excellent metaphorical examples; without fear of hypocrisy, for describing divisiveness in its glorious and demonstrative best…. “Jeb Bush: Obama ‘won by, in some ways, dividing the country’”… http://www.washingtontimes.com/blog/inside-politics/2013/mar/10/jeb-bush-obama-won-some-ways-dividing-country/