Majida Abdul-Karim Offers a Gift on Her Birthday

This powerful message from Majida Abdul-Karim

 ( got me going this morning. Talk about giving a gift on your birthday!


Half of 41 Reasons to be Grateful

1) I woke up today, given the gift of life for another year.

 2) I have been given the mental capacity to reflect on the benevolence and mercies of my Creator.

 3) I came from the womb of a Mother who was morally, socially, and politically astute and she taught me how to pray and about the power of prayer.

 4) I have eyes that can explore and query about the wonders of Allah’s creation.

 5) I have a mind that can ingest signs both spoken and silent.

 6) I have a husband that understands me and knows my depth without becoming insecure in his own manhood.

 7) I have Auntie’s who have taught me lessons in resilience and fortitude even when they thought I wasn’t watching.

 8) I have sisters who I can call friends, and friends who I love as sisters.

 9) I have children who are the embodiment of the phenomenon of our Maker.

 10) I have people who love me unconditionally.

 11) I have brothers, who will makes you see stars by 100’s in exponents if you offend me.

 12) I have a community that reminds me of my purpose.

 13) I have ancestors who prayed for me, though they didn’t know me by name.

 14) I have been able to travel the world and see myself through others in this world.

 15) I understand that each step informs the next and I pray every step I take is blessed by God.

 16) I have learned not to judge others, but to try to understand the experiences that have informed their becoming.

 17) I realize that every interaction has an impact and the Laws of Physics are REAL.

 18) I know that sometimes I can speak softly in voice tones of thunder, and it’s okay, because I like to check things at the gate and quick, being like a swift Brooklyn chick (Smile).

 19) I know I have the power to set a goal and actualize it through the power vested in me, and I don’t need any man made permission to make it happen.

 20) My success and failure are both learning channels in my life.

 20.5) My life at 41 continues on my born date, and for that I am TRULY GRATEFUL IN ABUNDANCE.