Come on educators, be honest…..

Come on educators, be honest; this makes up for everything that didn’t go well; everything that did not happen for you; that time when you didn’t feel appreciated; for every moment you felt bad; the evening and weekend work; the never ending stream of “educational ideas” (talk about taking your work home with you!); those moments when you thought that nobody cared; or maybe, in a very low moment you even wondered if it was at all worth it, well…..


“Wow. Thanks Mr. Johnson. I’m so blessed to have been privileged by your care and leadership at one of the most influential stages of my life. You and Science Skills Center provided me the support, resources, and opportunities most New Yorkers never get. I still have my Playbills from all the Broadway plays, and the admissions tickets to all the museums and trips we took on college tours. Who knew that 15 years later, I’d be graduating from law school with a joint degree JD/MS?! God is good! Thank you for your support and encouragement!”….Zahrah K. Taylor 5/11/13