This may be a march, but it would be wrong to call it Civil or Right.

SIMMONS: Showdown awaits — at high noon? — on Memorial Bridge…..


          I very much enjoy reading humorous and witty writings, when context and the topic invite such a style. But this July 4, “March” creates a real possibility for something really bad and tragic to happen.  The police officers assigned to duty on that day don’t make gun legislative laws and policy; they don’t have an option of only enforcing the laws for which they are in agreement. Will a “comedic” riff be sent out to their families if they are injured or killed? And to what end; as there is no possibility that the 2nd amendment will be repealed.  If after the reoccurring slaughter of students and staff at every educational level; the daily accidental and on purpose gun deaths in homes across this nation; the growing “out-sourcing” of unsupervised Americans suffering with mental problems walking our streets, with easy access to guns; the often ignored deadly decimation of Black and Latino youth in our urban centers; the awful shooting of one of their own colleagues; if none of these realities can force our elected officials to enact the most limited and sensible laws that places some “mild” restrictions on gun access; the same type of sensible restrictions that exist when one seeks a driver’s license, or building construction permit. In what sane universe is the repeal of the 2nd amendment a possibility? The political reality of this universe says that that the easy access to guns is taking its greatest tragic and deadly toll on the constituents of the members of the Black Congressional Caucus. Despite this sad truth, it is also true that their numbers are incapable of passing any serious gun safety laws in a congress controlled by either party (add to this that the DC member of the caucus can’t even vote if this legislation were to come to the floor!). Let’s be honest here, this march has nothing to do with: “threats to Constitutional rights”. The POTUS may be able (and I emphasize “may be able”); to see through a successful legislative initiative on emigration reform (ironically fueled by his absence from the negotiations, a “bully-less pulpit”?).  The recent rush of “scandalous” events has further eroded his ability to effectively wield the power of the presidency. The Republican party has effectively initiated a “scorched nation” strategy of: Block, Tackle and Play out the clock on any meaningful legislation this president puts forward; even if that means hurting their own constituents and the nation at large; (Where are we on the number of repeal votes on the Affordable Care Act-“Obamacare”?) Furthermore, time in a second term presidency is not neutral; as time moves forward the power of any president to do something “significant” diminishes. There is just no sensible/rational political thinker; on the left or right who thinks that Mr. Obama would spend his depleting political capital on a suicidal mission aimed at repealing the 2nd amendment. There is also no evidence (as believed by many unrestricted gun advocates) that the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is warming up the Black helicopters in preparation for the confiscation of American’s guns. This July 4 march has 2 purposes; one to rally the paranoid bigots who have never seen Mr. Obama’s presidency as legitimate, and have never recognized him as their president. Second it is a reckless and irresponsible business act of simply trying to raise listener audience ratings, attract advertisers; and charge higher advertising rates. In either case no journalist should serve as a press agent for such foolish and dangerous behavior. I lived through the civil rights period; and so I can fully appreciate the right to demonstrate and march on behalf of what a person may feel is a danger to their right to fully exercise their citizenship. But the Civil Rights marchers engaged in this movement; including acts of “civil disobedience” guided by the central philosophical thought of non-violence. This principled decision very often exposed them to vicious acts of violence; perpetrated by the official and unofficial forces of opposition. And yet these brave individuals set out on their mission, without having violence against the opposition as a “planed strategy/outcome” of their movement. Bringing loaded guns into a city where they are forbidden by law is in every sense “spoiling for a violent confrontation”; as the Washington Police force is obligated by oath, and the desire to maintain good and peaceful order to disarm these law-breakers. Beyond her  official responsibility; the symbolism of not bravely confronting theses ideological bullies is not lost on Chief Lanier; allowing this level of armed violations of the law sends a dangerous message to the citizens of DC, and in fact our entire nation. I don’t own a newspaper; and so all I can do is pray that no one on either side comes to any harm.