It Should Read: “School wipes out students and turns them into zero’s”

“Maya Angelou charter school wipes out zeros for students….”


The amazing amount of foolishness that children of color are forced to endure. I am sure there are no zeros on the balance sheets of these mis-education factories that are generated by the “students as products.”  It should read: “School wipes out students and turns them into zero’s”. Where are their parents? Where is their community?


         Perhaps the school’s intent was to close the “achievement gap” by 40 percentage points. And I guess it is also one way to address academic failure…declare it non-existent; declare victory and send the children on to an impoverished future. No sleight of tongue by the charter educational profiteers will work here; by giving student no-shows a grade of “40” whether or not they show up, or do a stitch of work, they are able to  keep them on (and cook) the books. This means they can continue to generate a profit even if the students don’t learn a single thing. It is a cruel form of tragic cynicism that would be comical if the end did not result in the loss of a young person’s dreams, and future contribution to our nation. We fool (and are being fooled by these slick pedagogical pirates) by only pretending to educate large segments of our population. What are these young people going to do in the next five to ten years as they find out that they are obsolete, and ill-prepared to participate in the economic life of our country? First, they are going to be angry when they realize that they are far away from that place where hope meets skills. Second, as they will be in the natural and fundamental need to survive they will employ whatever skills (or lack of) in meeting those basic needs. The situation will not be helped by the fact that like all of us, they will be bombarded by the glittering “toys” of a market-driven  society, which seeks to relentlessly drive us to purchase “things” as a way of accumulating meaning in our lives. These exploited young folks will eventually assert their own form of “Robbing Hood” by extracting what little money they can, first from people with whom they share the same impoverished status. But the illusion of safety for those who have the power and resources to properly educate their children will be broken as the communities of poverty have less to sacrifice to the gods of failed education. But of course, there is the hope (I guess there is even negative hope); that these young people will “graduate” from one exploiting system, and charter a new course as “feed” in the very extensive criminal-justice  system. Which essentially is now dependent on these types of educational failure incubators? For their parents, it is “pick your poison”; the disinterested incompetence of a public school system structured to fill the pockets of amateur players; or, the private sector version of the same. For some communities parent participation means: just pick your child’s path to prison.