Antidote to the “Poison Pills” Plan for the Immigration Reform Bill…..


Antidote to the “Poison Pills” Plan for the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill

“Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) unveiled an amendment on Wednesday that some argue could bring down the comprehensive immigration reform bill by putting in costly and difficult to reach border security requirements.”

“As Detroit seeks an out-of-court resolution to its financial crisis, emergency manager Kevyn Orr continues to lay the groundwork for a potential Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing..”


Memo to: Congressional Black Caucus (CBC); and all progressive members of both houses of Congress.

Re: A Creative Positive Progressive “Pill”

When: Now!

Where: Detroit!

 Since it is clear that the Republicans are seeking to sink any sensible approach to Immigration reform by means of strategic obstruction. Put your own: “Creative Positive Progressive Pill” into the Immigration Reform Bill. Start by transforming Detroit into a dynamic economic growth zone; that would strengthen existing communities, and attract new residents. This “Pill” would include a Job training, and Job creation opportunities for the chronically unemployed adults, and in particular young people of that city. Help to stabilize and revive the city by not reducing the honestly (and in good faith) earned pensions for retired city workers.  Also include a housing reclamation, small business development and an improved and resourced public education system. Since there are no advocates, or bills planned that would significantly assist the poor and unemployed, (right now, it’s all about the middle class!) Perhaps this is a way to get them some notice, as these communities languish, without attention, in depression like conditions. Who invites people to a “messy house”?  An enhanced city of Detroit would become an excellent place where people both inside and outside of the U.S. would love to settle and prosper.