Why I found Judge Scalia’s rant helpful…


“Antonin Scalia’s Gay Marriage Dissent Is Dripping With Contempt And Sarcasm”
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He helps me to understand that when you fail to fully appreciate the: “It’s over”; one can go, and act crazy. I wonder: “what’s his plan?” Invade, interrupt and personally stop every same-sex wedding in the nation? Old men in the sea of change (Ah, fond memories of my high school reading of Hemingway); may find it hard to see that time is not favorable to our most powerfully held, and perhaps sacred beliefs. Time painfully (and I think in some ways mercifully) moves forward. There is a quality of nostalgia that can produce either fondness or fear; separately, and sometimes at the same time. Alas, the world is constantly changing, and we (the old men) can’t ever seem to catch up. That is why I believe that rendering authority to history rather than ranting against it makes more sense.  There is no fool like a fool, out of time and out of his own time. It would be better to maximize time with seasoned words of advice and caution; after all the young, like we had to, will come to learn how not black and white is our grey existence. Scalia’s “commentary” pushed me to think about my own career experiences. I thought about, and was happy for Rudy Crew in his new position as a collage president. But this made me think about my conversations as a principal with him and Ray Cortines; and how qualitatively inspiring those discussions were. They, unlike the present crop of “drive-by” pedagogues playing at reform, and playing with the futures of children; spoke my language. Indeed, these two people were life long educators, committed to, shaped by and experienced in the craft of education. Those times, the culture, that understanding of educational leadership practice, is over. And as I listen to Judge Scalia spin hopelessly off point; I hope not to end up also ranting aimlessly in the sea of time, with no lighthouse, or land in sight.