Yes, it’s that simple….

I have found that in science, the most elegant proof is very often the most simple and straightforward explanation: From Chryssey A Schloss (An intellectual wonder woman who is always focused on the bottom line): “..the problem is that Trayvon is on trial instead of Zimmerman…”

Yes, it’s that simple

the crime of walking Black,


our constantly walking back in time,

being Black in a pre-existent-condition of a post-racial-existence,

is the same as being Black in a pre-assumptive position of guilt,

that’s all folks….that’s it

the victim trades places with the villain,

a desperado becomes Sheriff,

just in time and entitled to take any and all action,

against Black-listed enemies of his state of mind,

crime is in the eyes of whose watching,

don’t linger too long,

(time is also owned by the watcher);

stop and be followed,

don’t stop and be followed;

act un-Black and live;

and with no one to watch the watchman,

the trail begins and ends right then,

he completes the deadly closing task;

and seals the deed in blood;

its the hunters code in a never ending season;

a ritual expression sprinkled over the sons of the powerless;

“Now”, he said (fingering his tin star); “where did you say that 2nd trail was?”