Race the Primary Factor in the Death of Trayvon; and Race the Primary Factor in the Death of Justice


“…How would it end…ain’t got a friend

My only sin…is in my skin

What did I do…to be so black and blue…”


         Forget the post-verdict “high-fiveing” callousness of George Zimmerman’s defense team; after all they deserve to gloat in the comfortable presence of an anemic and passive questioning press; who never asked:

“You were able to utilized race (by appealing to the fear of black men on the part of the jury); why was the prosecution so ineffective in this regard?”

“You had the advantage of having both your witnesses, and the prosecution’s witnesses work to exonerate your client, how were you able to do that?”

“You successfully transferred the title of victim from George Zimmerman to Trayvon Martin; how were you able to successfully convict the victim?”

“Have you ever tried a case where the prosecution raised more questions concerning the doubt of guilt than the defense?”

            And then, it was the “prosecutors” turn. Well forget about the: “our hearts were never in it but, the Negros wanted a trial, and so we went through the motion of a trial”; “prosecution teams” post-verdict press briefing where that same press crew gave them a pass; even after the States Attorney’s uninformed and untrue bold statement: “This case was not about race, Trayvon Martin was profiled”; but (I wanted to ask), profiled as what, a Martian? Even at this most painful moment for so many, they stood there like a football coach whose team just lost a game 62 to 0; and he could not bring himself to speak the obvious: “We dropped some passes we should have caught, and we missed some tackles we should have made”. If this is Florida’s best (well…); if Black Parents in Florida must rely on this team to protect their children, then only God can help them. The usually aggressive press failed to ask:

“Did you lose because you guys were purposely, or not on purpose ignorant of the central role of race that would weigh heavily on the minds of a majority White Jury?”

“Is there such a thing as properly preparing a witness in your office, why did the defense repeatedly “flip” your witnesses?

“Why was the defense so passionate, so well prepared, so procedurally thoughtful, and willing,(even risking the ire of the judge) to go all out on behalf of their client; did you truly believe that your “client” was a victim?”

“Were you concerned (and took into account) that the majority of the jury may have felt a greater fear of Trayvon (standing in, even in death, for all dangerous young Black men), then for George Zimmerman; the righteous antidote to that danger?

“ (role-reversal)How did your team end up serving as the “defense team” in the trial of Trayvon martin?”


       Forget the entire above, “mistrial travesty” of a minstrel justice show. And focus on the post-verdict interview by CNN’s Piers Morgan of George Zimmerman’s brother Robert Zimmerman. And after you watch that interview, and you are a Black parent in America, you should immediately restrict your teenage son to the house; for everything that could go wrong about your child’s future was revealed in that interview. It is not that Mr. Morgan is not a smart, sensitive and a thoughtful interviewer; he is all of those things. But in this particular case he found himself over matched and out of his weight class. You see Piers was questioning (and not properly prepared for) the very embodiment of a racial Nietzschean figure; a modern moral nihilist; who views feelings of regret or remorse, an understanding for the suffering of others, as contrived, irrelevant and a non-productive feeling. He was not angry (also a wasted emotion); he was not resentful or revengeful; he was just focused on the fact that the “other” (Trayvon); in this case did not matter, in life or death. This so-called Christian presented an updated version of Dostoyevsky’s Grand Inquisitor, who has chosen a form of Christianity that cannot be  burdened with the inconvenient presence of a Christ. If Mr. Morgan seemed to be unclear as to whom he was interviewing; Robert Zimmerman was not. He refused to accept the many “humanitarian” premises that undergirded Mr. Morgan’s questions (No, Trayvon was not a victim; and therefore there is nothing to feel sorry about). In this way he reflected the views of all men in history who have visited great harm on others; because of their ability to “override” and detached themselves from their human feelings. And they achieve this by simply denying the existence of humanity in those they victimize. He continually frustrated Mr. Morgan with his honest sincerity; he refused to accepting the often insincere but PC obligatory softball questions presented to allow for the display empathy; there would be no: “my heart goes out to the family…”; “There were two victims here……” No as far as he was concerned there was only one victim in this scenario; and that person was his brother George Zimmerman. Who in this case was falsely accused, demonized by an inauthentic and opportunistic public outcry; and persecuted by having to stand trial for simply defending himself.  His articulate defense and justification for the future killing of Young Black men; guilty of being, well, young Black men; contrasted so greatly with the spokespersons for the Martin family; who are still hopelessly mired in “race not being a factor here”, to the tune of, “why can’t we all just get along?”


See the interview here: http://piersmorgan.blogs.cnn.com/2013/07/14/robert-zimmerman-jr-to-piers-morgan-there-are-people-that-would-want-to-take-the-law-into-their-own-hands-they-will-always-present-a-threat-to-george/?hpt=pm_mid



P.S.: The first step is to engage young Black men (it may take the efforts of some voluntary community dads, so as to reach all of the young folks); in “the talk”. Just teach them the techniques of staying alive. Protecting their safety from both those who look, and don’t look like them. Everything else in a young person’s life has the possibility of being fixed, except death

      :The second task is to take on this violent epidemic that is robbing Black communities of its young people; this disease is “Zimmerman like”; but, it  is also a Black on Black daily onslaught. Young people need a quality education, Jobs, Justice, and most important a hope, that allows them to see themselves in a positive future.