Words that steal and seal; and words that feel and heal…..


The Zimmerman defense’s charge to the jury:


i need you to use your racial memory,

were you ever afraid of a Black teenager,

a walking Black teenager,

a talking Black teenager,

a standing Black teenager,

a running Black teenager,

a playing around like a teenager Black teenager,

a speaking like a teenager Black teenager,

a living the life of a teenager Black teenager,

a confused (like most teenagers) Black teenager,

a breathing Black teenager;

good, now hold that thought;

next dismiss and separate them,

from every teenager in your family,

teenage neighbors,

teenagers in your friend’s families;

the youth fellowship teenagers in your church,

teenagers with a positive presence in their present,

with a future rich with full dreams,

think of them as good (anti-Black) teenagers,

as nice, smart and filled with your language,

thinking your thoughts;

(now hold that image, for it is definitely about race)


don’t look at Trayvon’s mother,

be not moved by your  ancient memory of mothering,

seek no mother/sister/women/human-hood with Sabryna Fulton;

ignore any feelings you may remotely remember,

disengage from your nurturing solidarity,

(not to worry George will not shoot your children)

make it not (and yet all about) race;

release George to protect you,

he who killed in particular;

but also  killed in general in honor of  all lurking danger;

send a message of justice nullification;

release him to kill again, and again, and again….

until you live in a world safe from Black teenagers.




Words are judgmental; as we see a judge who, in a race to injustice, tilted the scales in favor of favoring race for the accused ,and against the victim.


A stumbling prosecution team who throughout the trial always seem to be at the wrong table….


The very words that Zimmerman’s lawyers used to confuse and trick the jury into turning the innocent victim into a perpetrator of his own death; who played on the racial prejudices of the jury; in a sense saying:


Place yourself in the hateful heart of George Zimmerman, put the gun in your hand, now imagine (and remember) your fear of a Black teenager, not just Trayvon Martin; any teenager will do.. and so…….



and so after the misdeed is done,

after justice is laid beside Trayvon,

at the beginning and end of tears,

now “The Talk” is given (again) to young Black men:

(the objective being, to get home, today)

“don’t run”

“don’t walk too slowly”;

“no play-fighting”

“don’t look too long”

“don’t look too quick”

“don’t talk”

“explain yourself”

“be civil, but don’t discuss civil rights”

when stopped announce any movement:

“I am going into my pocket to get my I.D.”

“monitor your volume”


“manage your righteous indignation”

“don’t discuss: your constitutional rights”

(just get home, today, and I will deal with it)

“suppress your sense of justice”

“don’t discuss: fairness”

“don’t discuss: If I were White…”

“you are not, (in case you haven’t noticed), White”

“you are both invisible and clearly seen”

“don’t look like you are not looking”

“look like you are looking like you know where you are looking to go”

“don’t stand”

“don’t move”

“don’t laugh”

“don’t question”

“don’t answer too boldly”

“don’t look like a teenager”

“be natural, don’t be natural”

“be a Black man and learn to take an insult”

(“now, you got that son?”)

 just get home, today.


And then the words from Sybrina Fulton:


“Use my broken heart….”


And yes, hold on mom; for God can and will do wonders with a broken heart. And although we cannot see the end, the end will see us through the valley of tears and disappointments. Those who labor to do wrong; who inflict harm and pain in the service of insensitivity to the humanity of another’s persons child; who invest everything in the education of their own children, and then deny the same for the children of others; people with the power to circumvent truth and righteousness; those with the social and economic system on their side; those who think they are acting in the absence of God; who are answerable to their own greed and desires; who take advantage of the poor and the politically dispossessed; who kill without mercy, they who celebrate the death of justice; Eternal judgment demands that the end will be different. Their prosperity will lack the power to provide peace. The positive dreams they have denied to the children of others, will elude their children. Their great fullness will be found to be empty. They will seek relief through the worship of the god of their own egos placed on the throne of evil deeds; but this god who they have fashioned out of their own words of denial and disqualification, will sit silent in its powerlessness to rescue them. The loudness of  fame will become their silent prison of shame. Yes, the end is going to be different; everything will be turned up-side-down. In the end all things will be made right. Every unjust tear shed in silent loneliness is being recorded; and it is then that God will gather all of the broken hearts from all over the world, and use them to weave a sacred quilt of everlasting peace.