Black “Support” for Spitzer and Weiner-Post Racial and Post Rational: The Practice and Pain of rewarding bad behavior.

             Something can be said for the appreciation and understanding of being: “set-up”, “railroaded”, “unfairly castigated” and legally disenfranchised by a twisted legal system; and poorly portrayed by a racially tilted news media. And so some suspicion is perhaps politically required, and probably on some level healthy. For example, much of the right-wing attacks on President Obama are motivated less by his party affiliation, and more about his racial identification- in many cases they just don’t like the idea that “he”, (and not the Democratic “he”, is the President.) It also makes sense when communities are overburdened with large numbers of their citizens under the “supervision” of the criminal justice system; there seems to be a need for a more compassionate and  greater understanding of the need to give folks a “second chance” in life. But are all “guilty” folks innocent victims? How many chances should you get? And do some acts disqualify a person from a public elected leadership role?

        Are Messrs. Weiner and Spitzer victims of unfair treatment? And much of this “mood of forgetting bad acts” is also attributed to the “forgiveness” and “redemption” factor in Christian theological thinking; “we all have fallen short….”; “but for the grace of God….”; “and he who is without sin…”. But what of our White Christian brothers and sisters; they all could not have been absent from the Sunday school class when “forgiveness and redemption” was taught? And is the interpretation of: “taking away the sins of the world” mean: Ok, go for it and mis-behave without consequences and/or being held responsible for your acts by your fellow human beings? But then again are “fallen” White elected official simply following the play-book of corrupt and ineffective Black elected officials? I suspect that this “acceptance” is more likely linked to the idea of accepting less, for less to do less. An important axiom in play here is best exhibited in public education; where a life determining, inadequate educational experience is collectively  tolerated. In education we elect to daily engage, and subject children of color to a de facto separate and unequal qualitative learning experience. It seems that, essentially and eventually a people only ask for that which they believe they  are “truly” entitled and deserve. It follows then (if, then..)You (people or a person) will never be given more than you “believe” you deserve. In this case you do: “get what you ask for”. You hold the scales that determine the weight of your worth; you can set the standard for what you will allow, and accept. One important question is: Why isn’t this loyalty given to fallen White leaders ever returned? But then why should it be returned, if it is never required…The true picture (and model) is revealed in places like Detroit and Washington DC (The “Chocolate City”). A long history of bad (illegal) behavior, Black constituent neglect and disservice, Black population removal ,(individual) self-economic empowerment; all as Black children daily die physically and  intellectually. These same bad political players are able to “turn-Black” (and turn back) on a dime, (and for a dime); show up in a church and ask the most offended and cheated for forgiveness and protection from “attacks from the man”. Perhaps we need a new attitude of less forgiving for receiving less than we are giving.