To the CNN Management: Is CNN Out-Foxing Fox?

“…..This outrageous choice, I guess, is the Journalistic version of “silly skinny girl twerking” in order to gain publicity, and higher ratings..”


Mark O’Mara, George Zimmerman Lawyer, Joins CNN As Legal Analyst…

How so easy it is for American institutions to insult African-Americans, without fear of consequences. I recently confessed to a surprised friend that: “I am so ready for the end of the Obama era”. Because it has lured and lulled us into a dangerous complacency and low level of minimal acceptance of treatment, driven in part, by this false notion of our nation being in a present state of : “Post- Racialism”. And in this ‘post-racial’ state we are eerily quiet as the  city of Philadelphia opens “buildings”, not schools to take kids off the street for a huge part of the day; with no thought, or intention of ever educating them; where is the outrage, the marching?

The U.S. is short on jobs for the large number of people who want to work; but I don’t remember hearing that our nation is short of Lawyers. This outrageous choice (I guess, is the Journalistic version of, silly skinny girl twerking, in order to gain publicity, and higher ratings); to hire the legal face and voice of a one-man lynch mob is insulting to a large segment of this nation, whose “son” was legally lynched and legally defended by this creep, who was racially successful in turning the victim into a defendant. For sure, he was aided by a stacked pro-Zimmerman Jury; and a disinterested prosecution team that essentially, “phoned it in”; his role as a racial activist seeking jury nullification of Trayvon Martin’s humanity, can’t be  easily excused, or forgotten.  And this insult occurs; as we and the victim’s family are still in mourning. I suspect that perhaps you  may have had at least one (don’t want to assume a Black person is making policy decisions at CNN; if so shame on them) thoughtful person in the room who asked: “is this right; is this offensive to the family, and  to Black Americans in general?” And I guess the response was: “Yeah, but Fox them if they can’t take a joke; it’s about ratings, not respect for Black people!”  I am sure this will be attributed to that equally fake principle of journalism: “objectivity”. But this decision/appointment was not simply a “random”, “objective” search for journalistic truth; Mr. O’Mara  is not just a “legal opinion” on the Trayvon Martin case; he was/is in fact a primary defender of the murdering defendant, and is also his chief spokesperson and advocate. That fact does not even meet the “fake journalism objectivity “test. Will Mr. O’Mara recuse himself from any discussions involving: “racial profiling”, “stop and frisk”, “stand your ground”, any case that  involves a “Black/White protagonist-antagonist situation; after all he is on a very extensive public record of not being objective on these types of matters. The appointment was intended to insult a segment of the US. Population, you feel can’t effectively fight back. It is clear by this action that CNN holds their Black audience (and any other American audience member of good will) in contempt. It has become so culturally acceptable (natural) to disregard the concerns of Black America, for the interest of “middle America” and that famously popular: middle class. But this takes disinterest up to a higher level of disrespect. I have been a long time CNN fan, and often “juggle” between CNN and MSNBC. But if CNN chooses to blatantly offend me by awarding/rewarding someone whose very presence will bring up very painful memories; I will chose in my small way to stand with the mother of Trayvon Martin and not watch CNN or purchase products produced by its sponsors. If I want to be seriously insulted, I could (and never do) watch the real FOX, not the fake Fox kind.