“Russians deserve better than Putin” –John McCain


Well, maybe Americans also deserve better: 41 unsuccessful attempts to destroy the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”); and these people are collecting a salary!

Lecturing a nation about the quality of their political leadership always carries some risk; but doing so in the shadow  of the recurring crazy acts of the Republican Mad-men, threatening (again) to shut the  government down in order to stop millions of U.S. citizens from acquiring health care insurance, is a challenge. A lecture on governmental leadership by a member of a grossly dysfunctional governmental organization; could strike a Russian audience as slightly odd, if not contradictory. His Russian readers may also be puzzled by Mr. McCain’s party’s extraordinary efforts (empowered by the Supreme Court) to place restrictive barriers to voting for  large segments of the American citizenry (fixing elections?). And perhaps Sen. McCain’s  valid points about an unfair Russian justice system was undermined by policies of the “stopping and frisking” of racial minorities; and the right to “stand your ground”, against racial minorities. The poor educational pipe-line to prison system that destroys the lives and dreams of large members of the Black and Latino young U.S. citizens.  Putting aside the idea that the “dueling editorials” are qualitatively unequal. Putin’s article in the NY Times dealt with oppositional  political philosophy; while McCain’s editorial was more of a personal attack on the Russian President . A persuasive essay that has as its centerpiece: You (Russian people) are stupid for voting for such a horrible president. Not so helpful when you want to convince and pursued an audience. “Charity, I heard several times, through the years; “should begin at home.” And so I have a few home-based folks  who might benefit from a letter of concern from Mr. McCain.

  • The  extreme virulent Tea-Party members of his party who refuse to recognize Mr. Obama as the legitimately elected POTUS; and he should suggest to them that just harming, hurting and stopping the president is not a political philosophy; and is definitely not a way to effectively govern. Americans regardless of party affiliation deserve better.
  • To those who seek to “defund” the very necessary access to health care for millions of Americans; simply in order to deny the president a “victory”; may signal that US citizens deserve better.
  • And to those cynical right-wing  governmental and political activist who actually spend resources in trying to block, confuse and misinform Americans as to the benefits of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare); the millions of uninsured, the working and unemployed poor; deserve better.
  • Reach out to sate governments that seek to create  legislative barriers to those who want to exercise their fundamental right to vote. The veterans of the civil rights struggle, and the  millions they fought for, deserve better.
  • Contact his callous collogues in both houses of congress who want to use hunger as a weapon against the poor by the cruel cuts to food stamps. Children who can’t focus in school or while doing homework because they are hungry, deserve better.


And if  Sen. McCain has any time left, perhaps he can send the President of the University of Alabama (UAB) a note offering her the option of either mandating segregation in all school activities, including money making sports teams; or exercise the courage to pull the university into the modern era;  a place where a distinguish institution of higher learning should lead, and not be led. And, when it comes to courageous learning models ; the students of UAB deserve better.


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