A low Interest, low Information diet is a recipe for death

I read a post today on Facebook from one of my favorite intellectual/political pugilist Playthell Benjamin. He wondered as I have recently why through all the “chatter” on social media only a small amount of energy is directed toward what may be the major constitutional-economic crisis event of the Obama presidency. I actually participate in social-media to keep up with the good news chatter of: Graduations, job-position appointments, promotions, weddings, births; etc. and watching the wonderful social and intellectual growth of the children of my former students and collogues. In the midst of so much bad news in the world I find peace in the good news of a child’s success or accomplishment. I must confess I really like, and look forward to all of those announcements of: first words, first steps, first book read, martial arts Belts, awards, certificates, trophies, medals, etc. But I also worry about the world these children will face, when there are forces in open-action seeking to diminish and destroy their potential contribution to the world. In fact these Republican acts of restriction and reversal seek to destroy the very potential and personhoods of these children. Everything you need to know in life, can be learned in a high school English class; for it was there that I learned that there is no such thing as a Separate Peace; if children anywhere in America are not safe, are mis-educated, denied access to out of school learning experiences, hungry, homeless and without adequate health care, then all children through some cosmic algorithm (I believe, but can’t explain), will also be in danger of harm. The American myth is that if we have Scandal, Sports, a job and health insurance; then all is well in the world. This is why even as I watch the NY Giants make a mockery of their tradition; as I learn how to bake; as I continue to buy books on Amazon; as I try to catch up and mount my growing stamp and art collection; as I enjoy taking pictures in the State parks; I am painfully aware, my conscience continually shaken; and I am incapable of ignoring this horrible attack on  successful vote on a bill (ACA), that can help so many in our nation who are out of the proactive health care loop. There is something wrong when justice is undone; when access is denied, when there is an open attempt to nullify a vote. I understand the news media has successfully obscured the reality here, by pretending that this is two obstinate sides unwilling to compromise; a “fight” rather than the dull inconvenience of the truth will better feed ratings. The right-wing definition of compromise is an end to a presidency, and an end to a bill (ACA) authored by that president. I know many folks of color and all people of goodwill were tremendously proud of Mr. Obama’s two electoral victories. But the president must be wondering at the moment, as the song goes: “Where are all my friends?” And  what do “his friends”  think now that this “new confederacy” ( “The New Confederacy IS Very Much Like The Old Confederacy”…  http://majmuse.net/  ) is in serious kamikaze mode in seeking to undermine his election and the key legislative victory that could bring much needed relief to millions in desperate need of affordable health care. Folks who complained that the POTUS was not doing anything for the working- poor and Black folks; well who the heck makes up a huge majority of the uninsured? And what about those health confederate states that are refusing to set up state health exchanges to discourage and diminish participation in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). These Rebel governors are standing and blocking the health-clinic doors by literally rejecting federal funds to extend Medicare services to the poor, Black and White in their states. All of this in order to put Mr. Obama; who they don’t recognize as the legitimate president of the United States; in his place. That is the true meaning of the “Tea-Party”, who like the original Boston version are seeking to overthrow a government they don’t recognize as legitimate. Make no mistake Messrs.’ Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, Rubio and Cruz can frame it in the least offensive language that would be allowed by the rules of political linguistic PC; their intentions are very clear: This (Mr. Obama) presidency is not representative of America and therefore if it means we drive the U.S. into an economic crises so be it. They are in every way in insurrection against a properly and legally elected president; and so all acts including hostage taking is permitted to further their cause. They act in a great confidence because they  believe that Mr. Obama will ultimately trade in the ACA for the avoidance of an economic calamity; they also know that the U.S. has already survived a brutal civil war; and their thinking is that the U.S. will also survive this current civil war; only this time there will be no need for post-civil war “Black Codes”, White Citizens Councils or the Klu Klux Klan; this New Confederacy will win by relying on the lack of information and low interest on the part of the newly inducted citizens of the post-racial era. Yes folks, we are “moving on up”…. to the basement.