Educational Prority: Protect Children!

“…Deputies say that between 2009 and 2011,(School Principal) Edwards molested at least three boys between the ages of 11 and 14….”

Shonelle, Ayodele, Michele and Teneka, something they don’t teach you in Supervision and Administration courses is that you must constantly be on: “weirdo alert”. I wish I could put it in a more professional PC format; but there it is. Unfortunately some people come into education with evil intentions; some are perverts, some are drunks, some are drug addicts, and some are just plain old-fashion crazy (I know I should not use the word “crazy”—but again, there it is.) You must identify them, stop and remove them away from children. Very often as it seems in this case the person exhibiting this type of behavior will target students who constantly get into trouble, and/or who are known not to always tell the truth. Be a “nosey”, somewhat cynical and highly suspicious administrator; and stay out of that office during the school day. If everybody at that school swears they knew nothing; then the devil and some of those staff members are liars. In any school the principal’s social/love life (or lack of) is always a popular topic of unofficial speculation and discussion.

In the Airport I saw a sign that read: “If you see something say something”. Well, somebody saw something in that school, and said nothing. I am convinced that if he is in fact guilty of these multiple horrible acts over several years; someone(s) in that building knew something; and made a conscious decision; and/or was rewarded by him to not  step forward and protect those children.  If the Principal is the primary abuser in the school, the children have nowhere to go.

Note: One of my former students and now Collogue Latoya Ashe-Bartley reminded me …Just as we educators need to be alert and “nosey”; parents must also do the same. And maintain an avenue of honest and authentic communication with your child; so you can determine when there is a potential danger.


“A former middle school principal in North Carolina is accused of sexually assaulting a student while the boy’s unsuspecting parent was outside the room…..  Deputies say that between 2009 and 2011, Edwards molested at least three boys between the ages of 11 and 14. At least one of the incidents allegedly occurred in Edward’s office while the victim’s parent sat in a nearby waiting area. Edwards resigned from his position at Douglas Byrd Middle School, where he had been principal since 2010, in August, WNCN reported. Before that, he was principal of Ramsey Street Alternative School. Officials believe that all of the sexual assaults took place on the campuses of these two schools. Authorities have also noted they “believe there were more than the three victims,” sheriff’s spokeswoman Debbie Tanna told the Fayetteville Observer.  The school system has said that when Edwards resigned, they were unaware there was a pending investigation. He claimed he was leaving for educational opportunities, according to WTVD.     If he is in fact guilty; someone in that building knew something”……..