The Chiara de Blasio video and why I think it is important for young people to see it.

        When I received an avalanche of calls and emails of concerns and questions relating to the (as of this post still not announced) NYCDOE Chancellor’s position. One of the cautions I offered to folks was this: the New York press operates on a completely different level from that of the News media of even our largest American cities. The NYC News media is very engaged (albeit quietly) in “evaluating” the so-called list of candidates. “Bad behavior” that may receive a glancing or no attention, and maybe even be encouraged  in many cities and towns ; would serve as raw meat in a pool of sharks for the New York Press corps. Any high profile public job in NYC requires a high level of competency in order to “manage” the relationship with a very active (dailies, weeklies, broadcast and radio) and investigative press community. They will find out what you eat for breakfast; and if it is the “wrong thing”; they will then eat you alive before lunch. The NY Press corps will show no mercy to a wounded public official; particularly when the wounds are self-inflicted (see Messrs. Spitzer and Weiner); and they can and will deliver the final death blow to the most promising political career.  They also will not do free  public relations work to cover-up a clear blunder (see the attempted appointment of Cathie Black as Chancellor.) A Commissioner, Deputy Mayor or Chancellor would need to “manage well” their relationship with the NYC press. Any hint of: unpreparedness/unqualified (again see Cathie Black), incompetence, corruption, family patronage, etc.; would set off an “investigative scoop” race.

        One  good example of the “muck raking ” attitude of the NY press, is seen in the response of two NY Daily News columnist: Juan Gonzales ( and Mike Lupica (; to the video released concerning  Chiara de Blasio’s ( the daughter of the newly  elected mayor-Bill de Blasio) struggles with depression and substance abuse. It is important to note here that these two guys are actually two of the nicer liberal voices in the news media! I read both of their critical pieces and came away with the idea, that yes, maybe there was some politically strategic thought given to the timing of the event; and perhaps I am losing my NYC critical (cynical?) edge, but I have another thought. Perhaps the good that her honest and surely painful act could produce, greatly outweighs the alleged political intentions. To most Americans who don’t work as a profession with young people are unaware of how many of them suffer from isolation, confusion, disconnection, self-doubt, loneliness, abusive (yes) relationships, difficult family situations (that may look fine to the outside world). And very often they will try to “treat” their depression in ways that are not helpful, and may in fact create greater problems. After spending many years with teenagers up close, I have learned to respect their suffering; listen and seriously respond to their threats of, “running away”, “hurting myself”, and “committing suicide”. Too often we adults want to dismiss their calls for help because we think: “well they don’t have bills, a job or children; and so what could they be stressed about?” We may even think that their response to their pain is silly; i.e. “I am lonely, no one loves me, and so maybe I will have a baby, the baby will love me”.  But their pain is very rational and it feels very much like pain. Unfortunately, like many adults they don’t know how to get professional and positive help; rather than engage in self-destructive behavior that can only worsen the situation. And so I believe that if only a few young people see the video; understand that the pain they feel, others also feel, that they are not alone, and that they don’t have to suffer alone; they can get help and support in overcoming what they may think is a painfully lonely and isolated struggle. It then matters very little about the intentions of the “political handlers”. For as the “old-folks” would say: “The devil can’t see behind God’s back”; and I would add that he also can’t read God’s mind. I believe that God can use any situation no matter how painful or even “a calculated political intention”, to help many who are in a bad situation, people who are in need of attention. GOD CAN TURN ANY INTENTION INTO A GOOD INTENTION TO CAPTURE OUR ATTENTION; IN ORDER TO GIVE ATTENTION TO THOSE IN NEED OF ATTENTION.….

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