Folks preparing themselves for a terrible “Hair-After”!

 How Far (have we fallen?)……Too  Far!

“HOUSTON –  Police say four women captured on camera stealing hair extensions were identified after they reportedly tried to use social media to sell the products…”


Everything is unnaturally wrong with this story; the thieves, as well as the products they stole… The bright and redeeming moment are those people of conscience who turned them in…What a journey from Harriet Tubman, Fannie Lou hammer, Rosa Parks and Dorothy Height to this…. Just sad….How far we have fallen…..Thanks for sharing Kyna..This is my (sad but hopeful) inspiration for the day…We have a lot of work to do!–227746401.html?fb_action_ids=10202108861138173&fb_action_types=og.recommends&fb_source=feed_opengraph&action_object_map=%7B%2210202108861138173%22%3A487850001312835%7D&action_type_map=%7B%2210202108861138173%22%3A%22og.recommends%22%7D&action_ref_map=%5B%5D