My Facebook Experiment on Myself

Ok, over the last 2 weeks, I have done my own Facebook (FB) psychological research on: “The capacity of FB’s postings to influence “mood and thought changes”. However, unlike the folks at FB, it was done with my permission and knowledgeable consent concerning the harm and risk. Grand Conclusion: I stop looking at Facebook for long periods of time; and interestingly I felt positive and more upbeat (Step away from the keyboard Crystal Schloss-Allen; no I did not rigorously account for even a few of the possible variables; i.e. the number of World Cup Soccer games that day, and the teams playing :-)

Hypothesis 1: The less time we spend with a constant parade of triviality; the more of the important issues of the world get into our consciousness; and the less we are distracted from our mission and calling in life; thus more contentment.

Hypothesis 2: Spending more time thinking seriously about folks (FB-“friends”) Maybe people are really more then, or less then they post. But is it posting or posturing? And, maybe it’s more revaluation than revelation; and I realized I had been spared (a contributor to a state of contentment?) from some folks TMR (too much revelation)

Hypothesis 3: I found out when I logged on, after a long period of time (days); people still decided to have babies, birthdays, and to fall in, and out of love; without my comments and input!…(Did they not realize and account for my absent advice?)

Hypothesis 4: It seems that FB people have a tremendous capacity to “move on”; there was absolutely no discussion about the seriousness of the FB-“Mood Experiment”; is this a reflection of a public’s short attention span; or the “let’s move on” factor?

Hypotheses 5: Have we totally degraded the concept of “friendship”? I think I am basically a nice guy; but 477 friends, come on! That is a number that my chronic eccentricity, tremendous desire for quiet (to hear myself, and to hear what is written in books and articles), and my secret introvertism (for 5 years I had a non-working doorbell in Washington DC, and loved it!); would never allow me to achieve…..