“Former Alabama State trustee issues scathing letter apologizing for nominating President Gwendolyn Boyd”

Here we go, again. My goodness, they just hired this woman! The majority of Black school superintendents know this play by heart. But this is a college and not the K-12 world (not a justification); you mean this also takes place on the college level? Like their K-12 counterparts these folks get the “role” confused (It’s bring, not take!); trustees should bring prestige, knowledgeable expertise, and resources (financial and contacts); all of this so that the institution can thrive and successfully perform and perfect its mission of serving students. And surprise alert: The President of the university is the person charged with the management and operation of the institution; oversight, does not mean being overbearing, and over-stepping your role! Self-service should be on a cafeteria food line, not in an educational institutional leadership position. How easy it must be to catch and kill crabs captured in a barrel; these crabs are oblivious to their situation, thinking they are in the sea (and not in a pre-eating barrel); and thinking only of creating the greatest space, by climbing over each other’s back, to individually escape; but escape to where, the cooking pot? The wounds of Self- inflicted foolishness are the hardest to heal; it is not so much what racism is doing to us; rather it is what we race each day to do to ourselves. We seek the few ceremonial crumbs that by accident fall from the dining table of those who really are in power, and think it a gourmet meal…. I feel so bad for the students, who must suffer from, but have no part in creating this tragic comedy routine. It is a shame that this woman can’t at least get a chance to fail or succeed! If it were not a driving hazard, I would just wear a bag over my head; this is so embarrassing…..