“Curtis High School football player dies after collapsing at practice in Staten Island
Miles Kirkland-Thomas, 16, collapsed shortly after doing sprints, his father said. He was rushed to Staten Island University Medical Center, where he died. Miles, a defensive tackle from West Brighton, was set to start his junior year.

A high school football player died Monday after he collapsed on his Staten Island field during practice, shortly after running sprints, his family said.
Miles Kirkland-Thomas, a 16-year-old defensive tackle who was set to start his junior year, was ordered to do wind sprints after showing up late for the Curtis High School varsity football team’s 9:30 a.m. practice, his father, Jamar Thomas, 44, told the Daily News…”

Ok, this is a preventable “annual ritual” in this country. And so I am going for it; and perhaps I can save just one child’s life… A lot of these coaches are out of control (they are often reliving their lost pro-football dream.) Principals are scared to reel them in to reason. Yes, I said scared; as the coach can/will rally parents, community, central board, school board members and politicians to their defense. But as I have told many; if you have a “scared nature” stay out of the principalship; there are plenty of other good and meaningful jobs in education. There is absolutely no reason that one child should die.