Day #1 of Naimah’s request that I: “Share 3 Things that I am grateful for every day, for 7 days.”

I would begin with a Hadith for which you are probably familiar:

“There are two blessings which many people do not make the most of (and thus lose out): good health and free time”

(1) Good Health: Allows me to not be self-focused and self-absorbed with my “self-problems.” Good health does allow me to focus my dally efforts in service toward others. Good health is a form of freedom that no human(s); no matter how wealthy or politically powerful, can grant to you; it can only come by divine mercy. I believe this divine gift (as there are no errors in that which is divinely given); is given as a gift, so that the gift recipient can fully offer themselves to do good works for others.

(A slight pause here to address the conjunction “and”, between “good health and free time”. I think (my interpretation of it) that there is a reason (no accident) for the “and” as opposed to just a comma between the two phrases. It suggest to me that good health would be a powerful foundational blessing (bad health, mental or physical being so all self- consuming); with “and” serving as a bridge to many other blessing like free time!…. just a thought)

(2) Free Time: Allows me to fully exercise my mind; to learn something new every day, to read (particularly fiction which I love, but was hard to do when working full-time), to study something of interest, to write, engage in hobbies, time to practice Yoga, to appreciate various art forms; or just time to just “do nothing” and think! Free time allows me to spend a great deal of quality time (2-4 hours a day) in spiritual study and meditation. Finally, “free time” means more time that I can offer my time, to make time on this earth better for someone else.

(3) Finally, I am grateful on a daily basis for you (Naimah) and all of my other 30 year former students. Who have matured into wonderful, brilliant, positive and productive adults. The fact that they (you) are asking the right questions, and responding with a sense of righteous responsibility for making the world a better place. Many are now parents and raising children who are as intellectually and spiritually gifted as they were as students. Whenever I feel sadness or disappointment, I see (I am shown) the faces of thousands of young people (now grown); and there is no way that I can remain disappointed or sad; for it is a reminder that, well at least, in this life, I got this small part right!