Day #5 of Naimah’s request that I: “Share 3 Things that I am grateful for every day, for 7 days.”

#1 Grateful for each new day; in the morning when I realize I am alive (I know because I can realize that I am alive); and I able to make the “decision” every new day. That decision to do the least amount of harm (today) possible to another human being on the planet. I am also grateful to know that when I fail in this effort by something I have said or done; or something I should have said, but failed to say; or something I should have done but failed to do. Each new day I get a chance to correct a mistake; or to prevent a mistake. I am grateful that life is a multi-act experience; and so I get a 2nd, 3rd, 4th…… chance to get it right. Those repeated “failings” help me to understand the limitations of my own humanity; and to be patient and understanding with other humans; who limited like me, are just waiting for that chance, each day to bring, do, act and speak kindness into the universe.
#2 I am grateful for my daily Yoga teacher, practice and class. When I moved to a new city I was worried that I would not find a Yoga teacher like the one I had in DC. But as I wrote earlier:
“I guess we can often take our daily blessings for granted; and could also fail to tell the blessings how much we appreciate them! It is like we did something to earn or deserve them in our lives. I have come to realized that I have encountered two inspiring, wonderful, spiritual and gifted Yoga teachers Anacostia Yogi and Doella Miller-Thomas back to back. It is like God said, don’t worry I have people in that new town who worship Me in mind, body and spirit; you are not alone….”
These two phenomenal women are so phenomenally alike it is amazing. It is like God performed a “spiritual reproduction” in designing these spiritual twins. They are both kind and gentle; and yet will push you to your personal best. And Like DC I love spending time with the other Yoga practitioners in my class; everyone is so positive, giving, encouraging, supportive, non-competitive and very spiritually inclined. One amazing thing that I have noticed. When I am in Yoga practice I can’t think of anything else in the world; except the practice. This Yoga experience has dramatically changed my daily lifestyle and routines; I now pay attention to health, fitness and diet in a way that I have never done in the past; and for this daily change in my life I am truly grateful.
#3 Grateful for my daily involvement in a “Devine Resources” principle. This is not the “get rich” (at the expense of others) philosophy; and not to be confused with the gospel of prosperity theology. This belief operates on a type of “super logic” that could only be understood if one is willing to accept the “givens” as living truths. (1) God cannot lie (2) It is impossible for God to act against His own will. (3) A promise or covenant made by God can resist any, and every human attempt at interference. (4) God will not give an assignment; and then not provide the tools, pathway, people and resources that would enable the assignee to successfully complete the task. (5) A Blessings may not be in the “currency” of this world. (6) Ultimately, your salvation is found in the same place your faith is found. (7) Poverty is being disconnected from your meaning and calling. Proof: I can start this story as far back as I can remember, but I will start in a place that would make sense to most people; although it is in no way the most powerful example. I was 19, and working full-time at night in the Post office and going to school full-time during the day. One day my next door neighbor called me over; and I would have never guessed at what he was about to say. He said: “You know Michael I have been watching you for years; and I watch how you carry yourself, how you speak and treat other people; and how well-mannered and respectful you are. My wife and I are moving down south; I don’t have any children; and I don’t want to leave this house to any jokers in my family; my wife and I decided to give you our house when we leave NYC.” Needless to say I was in a state of shock; I never imagined those words I heard. I was so young that my mother had to sign the transfer of ownership documents. And so that is how I got my first house! But this story is an example of my entire life; I have never found myself without an abundance of whatever I need in life. I have heard the phrase: “I am not going to charge you” so many times, and I am greatly appreciative, but no longer surprised! And I am sure that I don’t even have a clue of all of the blessings I have received in life; it took me a year to figure out that my Brooklyn doctor wasn’t cashing my checks! And so I am grateful every day; because God is faithful to care for us when we focus our care on others; I understand that it counters the logic of this world; but it works for me.