Remove the Fossil Fools from your life….

(Another excerpt from the Steven Ingraham series on: “What I have learned over the years, that is really important)”

Time is not just a distant and disinterested observer of the events that take place in your life; each day, (not yesterday or tomorrow) is that critical day that you must make a defining statement about your life.

Controlling and cleaning up your personal climate. Remove the fossil fools from your life; don’t let them contaminate your hopes and aspirations: As we move toward a greater understanding, appreciation and recognition for our need to protect and honor our mother, the planet earth. Let us also clean and protect our own personal planet: Remove all toxic energies from your inner and outer space; those growth inhibitors, including your own self-doubt; that hinder your growth enhancing, and life affirming view of the sun. Weed out the soil and soul grabbers, who yield no fruit in your life. Recycle only the good works; and replant them in the heart of the next worthy field that God causes you to encounter.

Time, and over time; one grows a sense of “quiet urgency”; not a panic, but a strong desire not to have your time, and efforts wasted. This may have the sound, and feeling of dismissal; but it is not. Rather it is the creation of a serious priority list, that places (without malice or prejudice) people and things in their proper place on the list; you may then find that you naturally don’t ever get to them; but that is not by ill intention, it is by the natural order of things. You will feel awkward and uncomfortable working on someone else’s priority list. Seek and find your own Divine TTD list; and then do it with all of your serious energy.

Devine Mathematics: It is a good and proper thing to set your intentions; each day, on the dial that reads: “Saving 100%” But don’t think of yourself as a failure if you only save 50%; that 50% could very well be God’s intended 100%!

I told _________________ yesterday evening, that the time you spend trying to convince people that you are worthy of the effort you put towards them (them thinking that neither you nor your efforts are worthy); is a mission without any hope of success, for they also believe that neither you nor they, are worth the effort. Further, it is a waste of time; and is time removed from doing good acts for those who could gratefully benefit from your efforts…. Step back and let God issue your assignments…