Wow….After reading these two articles I wonder, what it would take for parents and communities to say: “Enough!” Or, is it that they just not aware of the magnitude of the problems; and how these problems permanently damages their children? I am not sure how a high school seniors can “untake” a course they were incorrectly scheduled to take. Sadly these students are still going to be required to take the necessary courses needed for graduation (state education departments have been consistently unwavering on this point—The graduation requirements won’t be changed because of a “mistake”; it’s on the school district to fix it!). But further, the opportunity is lost to take a course that could have “strengthened” a H.S. transcript for a college admissions application.

“LAUSD has ordered that every high school senior’s transcript be reviewed and has called for counselors and administrators be present to ensure that computerized student data system records will not affect students’ chances to graduate or apply for college, writes Howard Blume of the Los Angeles Times. At this time, it is unclear how many of Los Angeles Unified School District’s almost 38,000 seniors are affected…”
“The faulty data system launched in August has resulted in some students lacking necessary courses or being assigned to classes they do not need – and sometimes both. The computer system also produced errors in seniors’ transcripts as college application deadlines loom…”


Elementary schools eliminating: Learning resources, Art, Music, Dance, Library Instruction and Guidance /Counseling/Health services, are schools that are setting children up to fail miserably. Interestingly, the loss of the before mentioned programs, destabilized the learning atmosphere in the school; and it also weakens the quality of the instructional programs in all content areas… Translation: The children receive a multiple negative effect; that is reproductive, self-sustaining and permanent.

“We must still hate our kids: Philadelphia and “education reformers” fight demented war on elementary schools…No nurses, few textbooks, closed libraries: Money to urban schools is being starved, intentionally; It’s just wrong”….