This midterm election is not about Barack Obama the president; it is about Barack Obama the person; but more important, it is about you.

What is missing from this entire “midterm election” discussion is the absence of knowledge of US civics history; and an absence of civility. If we start our study with a slave-owning president, and continue through to Mr. Obama’s predecessor; we would find that the idea of a perfect president is a perfect myth. Even the out-of-historical context comparisons, don’t allow us to fully appreciate the level of animosity and opposition that past “great” POTUS faced during their tenures. There is however, unfortunately an ugliness that is unfolding in this particular midterm election cycle; that sets an interesting and disturbing tone. I find myself asking the question: “What is the true underlining cause of this great dislike of Mr. Obama?” And if the “polls” are accurate, and voters want less gridlock and more cooperation in Washington; why would they vote for a party that lives and breathes confusion, gridlock, and a lack of cooperation and production. I am watching political TV ads; and the Republicans have all but abandon the idea of presenting even a whiff of an idea or plan. The entire strategy is saying their opponent’s name alongside of the word “Obama”; and that is it! It would seem that such an appeal would be insulting to White voters; and one can only wonder what these folks will do in 2016 when they don’t have Mr. Obama to kick around. The news media has unfortunately played the low-level fruit game here; I am amazed that so few news commentators have not dug deeper into Louisiana senator Mary Landrieu’s comments as to the real poll (and the real “race” at stake here) about the POTUS. Last night, even the normally even-tempered PBS/Newshour prognosticators (Gwen Ifill et al) were in a state of “giddiness” over the ascension (and condensation) of the Republican’s to the control of the senate. Say what you want about Harry Reid, but he is at least a decent person; but mean-mouth Mitch McConnell, well…… In a way I can understand the excitement of the news-chattering class; as a Republican takeover of the senate will introduce (for the next two years) a circus atmosphere focused on a single mission: To take obstruction, governmental dysfunction and civic disorder and destruction to another level. (That’s right, get ready: 2 years of Benghazi type hearings!) Some person(s) back in 2008 told President Obama: “Don’t worry, in the end these guys (the Republicans) are patriots, and will do what is in the best interest of the nation; they would never harm US citizens”; I want to know the name of that person(s). And now as the POTUS is cast in the role of a political “Willie Horton” (look it up); and his Democratic conviction-less friends are running away from him; and he gets hit by enough Leon Panetta like betrayals; perhaps the reality will set in: Since you are going to be hated anyway; you might as well act decisively and boldly in the service of those who really want, and need you to be successful. And so I am going out to vote Democratic not for the POTUS’s horrible policies in the area in which I have the most interest, Education. Rather because if a slap of an insult is intended for Mr. Obama’s face; then the back-hand side of that insulting slap, is at the same time intended for my face. I am not voting because the Democrats have the courage of their convictions; rather I am voting because the Republicans invested enormous amounts of energy in stopping me from voting. I am voting because so many of my ancestors paid a great price; not to insure a perfect quality of a choice; but rather for the quality of the right to make a choice, perfect. I am not voting for a POTUS who to be honest, has been tragically inattentive to his most loyal constituencies; I am voting for the respect of his personhood, and my own.