Why is Charles Koch interested in Changing America’s Criminal Justice System?

Thanks Marc Jones. What I think is going on here is this: Some smart people in positions of power and influence in America, stayed awake long enough in class to be able to learn how to read a statistical demographics chart ( A lesson unfortunately that many liberals and conservatives missed). They realize what some of us (like Shirley Malcolm Ph. D., in a 1990 Essay in Scientific America: “Who Will do Science in the Next Century?), have been saying for many years. (Another excellent article: The Quiet Crisis: Falling Short in Producing American Scientific and Technical Talent; Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph. D.; http://www.bestworkforce.org/PDFdocs/Quiet_Crisis.pdf ) Our present structure that essentially removes large numbers of Black and Latino males (Via the public school to prison pipe line) from any viable participation in the American economic system (except in the societal destructive “unofficial” economy), is not sustainable over time in light of White American birth rates. Let me be clear here: in public education we are not doing a good job with our potentially high performing, and most promising Black and Latino males; the students who can read and do math; those who are on or above their grade level standards! This reality of systemic marginalization, is occurring as “developing” nations are expanding their capacity to train and retain their own skilled nationals. The present US path will ultimately lead to the demise, downgrading and possible collapse of our economic system. These same smart guys must have also paid attention in high school English class when they read “Masque of the Red Death”; by Edgar Allan Poe. The idea that a small number of entitled citizens (and their children and grandchildren) can remain safe and untouched by a plague that is destroying the poor and disenfranchised, is a myth; eventually the suffering of the many will also touch the few, who have unleashed, inflicted and imposed that suffering on the many. Mr. Koch is making a good and necessary business decision; it is not a moral one.