Journal excerpt: We really do need a just supreme court of judgment.

(Okay, I am watching last night, (And I don’t know why I continue to punish myself in this way) the NewsHour report on the supreme court hearing of the latest “challenge” to the ACA; and wondering, why is this even happening? Why are these people so hell-bent on denying poor people access to health care insurance. The call for a “market based” system is just another way of telling the poor to, (literally) drop dead!)

As the “supreme court” contemplates the right of millions to have access to “affordable health care”. The fact that fundamental human rights, are a debate assumes that one side, those who have access to quality health care can fairly debate those who are without it. People without quality healthcare are more than likely not in a position, or have the financial or political resources to successfully argue in their own behalf. The “debate” can never be fair if the negative deciders (the anti-ACA camp) in congress and on the courts all have access to quality health care. A “fair” debate would be if the health insurance for the nullifiers and their families was on the line. And what a low moral standard of debate for a nation that so many constantly proclaim as “exceptional”. What would truly be exceptional is not comparing citizen’s access to health care with a “less wealthy” nation; rather it would mean transforming the blessings of wealth given to America, into a model of sharing and concern for the less fortunate of our citizenry. And the best case scenario here (again, how low are the standards here!) is to provide the struggling poor with an overpriced profit driven health care system; a system that at least the POTUS is trying to force to take on some of the characteristics of a humane treatment system, through the Affordable Care Act (ACA); termed “Obamacare” to draw in the race baiters/haters.

A true and just ruling, a ruling, truly inspired by the wealth and power of the US, would grant to every citizen the right and access to health care that is provided to the citizens who already have health insurance; or even better, the level of insurance provided to the members of the court and congress!

And in the end, what makes their wisdom and judgment supreme? And is there a court more supreme in which they, and the callous voices of the ACA nullification, will themselves be judged? Why is there even a discussion about the cynical attempts by the selfish wealthy few to deprive such a fundamental human right to health care for the many working and unemployed few? How can (turning Spock’s words into the opposite negative) the health needs of the few, be more important than the health needs and quality of life of the many? And how can they sit in judgment of those who are without (or barely holding onto) health care insurance?

It seems that “constitutional democracy” is a convenient cover to place and hold the masses into a desperate and destitute state. A process by which the nation can play a cruel game of population selection, by condemning select segments of the society to: missing and inadequate education, prison, and poor life options, through chronic illness or chronic violence. And then there is the sacred worship of the “interpretation” of a document, a document crafted by so many believers (and participants) in a system of enslaving other human beings. A good and just law would not enhance the power of the strong and greedy; rather it would prevent the strong from harming the weak and needy.

People should not be forced to make a case for their humanity; a humanity granted not by a US supreme court, but by a supreme being. They should also not be forced to make a judgment between food or rent and medicine; and the “rule of law” approach, can’t be used as a ruse of law in order to deprive people of a fundamental human right to health care.