The Real Head Start!

This article ( is on a completely different topic. But my “informal-education learning gap” sounded an alarm when I read this paragraph:

“One recent morning on the Upper East Side, a troupe of two-year-olds, strapped into their strollers, sat around the grand entrance to the newly renovated Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum. Their nannies chatted in many languages—Spanish, Urdu, English. “This is my first time coming here,” one woman said. “Art class,” she added, nodding at her charge.”

Two-year-olds being exposed to museums and museum classes on a regular basis. With this wonderful head start, I wonder how children with much less exposure will be able to compete with them? And what of the children of the “nannies”, who is taking them to the Museum? This, I think is the real head-start in life.