LYNCHBURG, Va. – Senator Bernie Sanders took his message of confronting inequality to unfamiliar ground on Monday at Liberty University, a leading evangelical Christian college, where he sought to build what he called “common ground” with students, beginning with the foundations of Christianity itself: the Bible.”—NY Times 9/14/15

The Gospel truth (The truth of the good news as ordained by God) of Bernie delivered bravely to the “evangelical Christians”. These days how often do we see the opposite, those candidates who cynically, shamelessly and disrespectfully, play to the most base and unintelligent instincts of an audience. They scream to the lowest IQ number in racially cloaked anthems: “I am going to ‘un-Obama this’, and I will ‘de-Obama that’, ‘dismiss-Obama’ and all the while make sure that I ‘dis-Obama’’. They fail to say (and of course the audience is not interested) what will they do in the way of making the country just, better and right, not just angry, bitter and white. And so the rest of the candidate field is probably not prepared or willing to ask a Christian audience, to act, well like Christians!

But at Liberty College can they: “Handle the truth?” The “Religious-Right” have so wrongly mixed, joined and sealed their religious beliefs to an economic and political philosophy that suggest that the most rich, the most intolerant, the most selfish, the racially exclusive are favored by God.

They love (so they say) children, only as long as they are in the womb. If they were true advocates of the “family”; then why allow so many in the society to have their family structure destroyed by poor education, poverty and unemployment. And I think it is safe to say that prison definitely breaks up a family, why then would evangelical’s not be in the forefront of prison reform; and more important disrupting the prison to pipeline designed for the poor of our nation. They lack both the passion and compassion that is represented in the symbol of the Cross. Their sacred symbol and salvation is sought instead, in the dollar sign.
If these people were true evangelist, their message would sound, and make clear to all who witness them, that to be Christ-Like, is to care about the least, the left out, the neglected, exploited, the oppressed; being a Christian means to serve as a beacon of hope, in a world driven by cynical materialism and craven indifference.

And the reason for the great public suspicion, the growing crowd of skeptics, the truth demanding agnostic doubters, the persisting sense of contradiction and hypocrisy: Even the “unchurched” casual reader of the New Testament sections of the Bible, will find it very difficult to make a connection between what these people do and say, and Christ. No, these are idol worshipers of the worse kind, and their idol is their own egos, sitting ironically, on the altar of a crass and cursed system of social Darwinism. And just like their right-wing “fire-breathing” counterparts in Islam, they discredit, rather than bring credit to their religion.