After the Wiz, I saw the Wizard at work…

To: N’kuimah Schloss-Allen: My take away notes (yes I take notes while watching TV, I approach TV like reading literature) from the last 12 mins. of last night’s Lions-Packers game. Powerful Lesson #1: This is what happens when one side is determined to lose, and the other side is determined to win!”

And so some further life lessons from last night:

(2) “Life is not fair!” For some people in society (the politically-economically disenfranchised) you should enter “the game” with the understanding that society’s referees (economic, political, educational, criminal justice—systems, etc.) are more than likely not going to rule in your favor; if you don’t have that understanding, from the start, then you have already lost, from the start!

(3) Manufacture your own “luck”! You should enter the game with the idea that you will win based on your own efforts; not based on the mistakes of your opponent, “a lucky break”, or depending on the rulings (or kindness) of the referees. But always be ready to take advantage, of any advantage that comes your way. Or as Sun-Ra says: “Space is the Place!” And so, put yourself in the right space, place and time; and something good will happen!

(4) The joy and pain reward of being on a team. A team is only as good as the serious mental lapse, at the worst possible moment, of a single team member(s)… And a team is as great as that team member(s) (Rogers-Rogers) who performs in an extraordinary way, at the best possible moment.

(5) Time is not neutral, it does not work in favor of the inefficient, the incompetent, the un-rehearsed, the ill-prepared and the chronically unaware and ill-informed. However, Over-Time: Time favors the efficient, the competent, the well-prepared, the well-practiced; and more importantly, those equipped with the necessary prerequisite knowledge and skills.

(6) The “bad sign” rule: When the only person (other than Peyton Manning) in the NFL, who I (at 64) could compete with in a 40 yard dash, runs for an untouched 14 yard touchdown run…It’s a sure sign that things are probably not going to end well. (We are not talking Cam Newton or Russell Wilson here!)

(7) The more determined, persistent, hardworking, proficient and excellent people are, the more “luck” seems to flow their way (they conspire and cooperate with the universe to create their own “luck”!) Message:

Be your own Wizard!