Giant Missteps…

2015 USA Indoor Track & Field Championships

Perhaps I should channel Yogi Berra here; because it seems to me that 90% of getting over the hurdle is… getting over the hurdle! My takeaways from the Giants-Panthers game. Where under very stressful and challenging conditions; both teams sought out to display their most comfortable and naturally inclined personalities. And I call them: The 10 Giant ways to make sure you lose a game; this list can be easily transferred to school team-leadership work.

#1: Lose your sense of mission and purpose; or not having a sense of mission and purpose, and you have already lost the game!

#2: Act like you don’t have any sense; like you have no idea of: “Why we are here!”

#3: And even after you realize that your loss of sense is harming you and the team, don’t (“why should I”) stop!

#4: How many creative and unique ways can we muster, not to win the game; but to lose the game!

#5: No matter how wonderful your individual talents; a “team game” means: it’s a team game!

#6: An important part of “losing” is to believe that you will lose; and an important part of winning is believing that you will win!

#7: There is something to this “Jedi Mind Trick” thing; control the mind, and control the actions and behavior of your opponent!

#8: The team is only as good as the most untimely and unfortunate and unforced error by one single team member!

#9: Leadership is having to deliver a tough and unpopular word; even to the wrong behaving but enormously popular; as well as to the tremendously talented, but recklessly undisciplined members of the team!

#10: In times of great stress, challenge, setbacks and/or disappointment a person, team, or a school will revert to its most natural and true personality!