Art, the Humanities and STEM need each other, and as an educated society we need all three of them.


“A Rising Call to Promote STEM Education and Cut Liberal Arts Funding”…

STEM vs. Art and the Humanities?

What a false, unimaginative and short-sighted choice. And there is no accident that the charge is being led by southern Republican governors; whose political success and survival, for a large part, is dependent on the maintenance of a large unenlightened, aesthetically underexposed and intellectually challenged voting bloc. These governors should at least declare a conflict of interest here; as the “dangerous” exposure to: poetry, philosophy, history, art, music and dance may actually cause their constituents to seriously think about the quality of their lives under right-wing rule. These terrible presentations of educational “trade-offs” held by some politicians can only be defined as anti-education, anti-learning, and ultimately anti-human development. This kind of bad policy thinking is the byproduct of public education policy maker’s endless search for a quick and cheap fix to problems they themselves have created. These bad ideas always end up doing more to deform schooling rather than to productively reform it. STEM, Art and the Humanities compliment, and enrich each other; and together they represent the natural components of what should be recognized and championed as: An educated person.