Why Not Have a Real NYC Specialized High School Integration Plan?

“…Some NYC politicians, civic leaders and professional educators (who should know and act better), are floating, unknowingly or cynically, a dangerous narrative: That poor performance on a high school standardized admissions exam proves that there is something ‘inherently’ wrong with the brains of Black and Latino children; thus the ‘problem’ requires an ‘admissions process’ fix, rather than an expanded educational opportunity and an improvement of learning quality fix. They either ignore or don’t know that these students not having full ‘front-end’ access to a better quality of learning and test-preparedness, are predictably doomed to suffer from academic under-achievement and test underperformance. In our present national political climate, it is probably not a wise or helpful decision to imply, even by accident, that Black and Latino children are ‘by nature’ intellectually inferior. What is inferior is the quality of the K-8 education and test-preparation too many of these Black and Latino students are receiving…”

Why Not Have a Real NYC Specialized High School Integration Plan?
Michael A. Johnson; Our Time Press

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Michael A. Johnson has served as a public school teacher, Science Skills Center director, principal, and a school district superintendent. He also served as an adjunct professor of Science Education in the School of Education at St. John’s University. He recently completed a book on school leadership: Report to the Principal’s Office: Tools for Building Successful High School Administrative Leadership… http://reporttotheprincipalsoffice.net/