“The Unique Racial Dynamics of the L.A. Teachers’ Strike”

“The city’s public-school teachers are predominantly people of color—and a plurality of them are Latino, like most of the students they serve.”

“…Roxana Dueñas, a 34-year-old ethnic-studies teacher at a high school in Eastside L.A.’s Boyle Heights neighborhood, says her own background as an LAUSD student whose working-class parents immigrated from Mexico was a driving force behind her decision to pursue the profession. “I see myself in my students in both the literal and metaphorical sense.”

“Rodolfo Dueñas: it’s almost like you’re looking at your little brother, your little sister, and you’re reliving the traumas of education in the past,” he says. “And you’re like, ‘Dang! Some of these things are still happening.’ It’s almost like you’re fighting for something you wish you could’ve fought for when you were in school.”

Full article from The Atlantic: https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2019/01/why-los-angeles-teachers-are-striking/580360/