Out of school and out of learning opportunities…

In America even a plague stimulates the nation’s core racial and economic discrimination values. I sure hope that some of the folks on the many state and local “open-up-education” committees around the nation bravely advocate for the children of disenfranchisement and ask: “What will public education look like for these students when schools open (in whatever format) in the new school year?” Because it’s sure not looking good for them now!

“…The Washington Teachers’ Union surveyed its teachers last month to determine student participation. Fifty-seven percent of the 2,000 teachers who responded — around half of the teacher workforce — said less than half of their students are participating. Teachers at more affluent and more selective schools said attendance has been strong during remote learning…”—Washington Post

Superintendent: ‘I lose sleep at night’ about the ‘logged out’ kids whose top priority is ‘survival’ — not remote learning: https://www.washingtonpost.com/education/2020/05/08/superintendent-i-lose-sleep-night-about-logged-out-kids-whose-top-priority-is-survival-not-remote-learning/