Trump and Woodward: This is a pretty amazing home instruction civics lesson-starter…

“Should Bob Woodward have reported Trump’s virus revelations sooner? Here’s how he defends his decision.”*

If you wanted to teach an ‘off-script’ and unauthorized (but true) homeschooling civics lesson on: “What is capitalism?”; well, here is an excellent lesson-starter. (Make sure to tell your child this is for their mind and not the answer they would write on an exam!) And so: In such a brutal and obscene materialist system, the bottom line (is the bottom line), where everything and everybody is reduced to a commodity.

“…Woodward is hardly the first journalist to save juicy information for a book…”

The problem is that COVID-19 is not just a “juicy bit of competitive information” for the book publishing industry or scoop-bait for the news media business. We will never know the number of lives that could have been saved if Woodward would have come forward with this information earlier, and that’s the problem, we will never know. And I’m sorry, but Woodward’s explanation’ for the delay is, at least for me, less than satisfying. I get that no amount of factual information would alter the die-hard Trump supporters’ views, but what about the rest of America? Those non-Trumpian individuals who were legitimately confused about the deadly seriousness of the disease. At what point does one shift as a journalist (if indeed there is a shift), from enabler to co-conspirator?

I would pose two important lesson-questions to students: “Who in this story best represents your views and moral personality?”

(A) Donald Trump, who is willing to sacrifice American lives to win reelection.

(B) The book author who has in their possession critical information that proves that the POTUS was misleading and withholding vital life-saving information from the public. (But by coming forward with this information, you could hurt your book sales).

Or, for an adult workshop:

(C) Not present in the story: That human being who always chooses a call-to-service and people’s well-being over fame and material gain, even when that choice hurts them in every aspect of their lives, and can even cause them to lose their lives.

“Who are you?”

“What are you?”