Some groups in our nation utilize “Eldership Wisdom” better than others, but anyway here is…

My brief 1960-70’s experienced political demonstration advice to young folks:

Get a purpose, reason, and a clear well-thought-out (this is what we want to happen) set of objectives. I made the mistake of being part of an action that demanded the appointment of “Black Administrators”; well they agreed and brought in a ‘black’ Administrator who made the white administrators look progressive and blacker then himself!

Get this clear: “Privilege follows the topic”. All protesters (even if they are protesting the same issue) are not seen as deserving of the same and equal treatment by the police and criminal justice system.

Get people out of your ranks and the demonstration (any color) who are: “political adventurists”, opportunists, reckless, and not disciplined; they could derail the purpose of your movement; and possibly get you arrested or even killed.

Get the people out of your ranks whose ‘professional assignment’ is to delegitimize the very legitimate rationale for the demonstration. Newark NJ did a brilliant job (mayor who is the son of an activist) of ‘dispersing’ and immersing authentic community activists throughout the marching crowd so that they could quickly and effectively eliminate any ‘off-message’ provocateurs.

Get reckless and undisciplined people out of your ranks whose ‘mommy and daddy’ has the racially entitled power to make any penalty occurring out of their ‘momentarily revolutionary fervor’ to go away, and not hurt them in the future. On the other hand, your ‘racial identity’ in America (Blackness) is a life-time existential reality; that you can’t ‘grow-out-of’. And your mommy and daddy probably don’t have the contacts and resources to help you when you are captured by the criminal justice system.

Get a daytime (this is even for your own safety) demonstration schedule, and then let the folks who want to do whatever they do at night do it without you.

Get a hold of some good African-American authored history books (e.g. Manning Marable) and study. This is not the first demonstration/civil action in America. And surprise, you actually have people walking around your neighborhood who have been part of successful similar efforts; and you can learn from their victories and mistakes.