The Overtly Subtle Plague of Racism

OK, so let me understand this:

Denzel Washington does an interview (that left the interviewer, in her words: “shaken”) and attempts to do something very human; which is to not act in actor mode, and actually present himself as himself. This causes a response assessment from the interviewer that he is “overreacting”. What I saw was that he was desperately trying to say that “I am more than acting, more than what you see on the screen”—I am a person, I am human.
I recently watched a very good interview with Joaquin Phoenix who was essentially saying the same thing. He constantly pushed back against these standard ‘celebrity’ questions; seeming to say repeatedly: don’t totally define me through the lens of acting or so-called “celebrity”. Many, including myself, hailed the Phoenix interview as brilliantly honest. And so, my question is: why can’t Denzel express those same views without being defined as ‘hostile’ and “misunderstanding the questions”?

And then there is this:

Armed men and women enter the Michigan Statehouse and threaten the governor and state lawmakers; based on the photos they appear to all be white; and besides I can’t imagine a Black person deciding to arm themselves, even legally, and then walk into a public building, thus committing suicide to get more coronavirus exposure.
Then, these white rioters are referred to as “protesters” by the news media; which suggests they would have fit in well with the peaceful civil rights marches led by people like Dr. Martin Luther King; except for the guns, threats, and aggressive actions! The riot is also referred to as a “rally”; which sounds like something nice that colleges do before a major varsity sports event. Everyone including the Trump rioters knew that they were safe because their whiteness insured that safety; and further, every act of indulgence, reserve, and patience would be granted to them as bonified US citizens. Many white Americans are for the first time experiencing via COVID-19, a small piece of a painful plague that the unwelcomed, disinherented and despised ones must live through every waking moment of our lives.