You can’t blame this one on the Republicans………

           You can’t blame this one on the Republicans…What a terrible “Catch-22”…HELLO, the working and unemployed poor are the most likely to have a bad credit rating” (You think?). They don’t set out to have a poor credit rating, rather it is the result of living on the fringe of a barely livable existence; driven by too many factors out of their control (i.e. absence of “inherited wealth”, low wage jobs, “Pay check to Pay check” existence, a primary target of unscrupulous lenders, frequent layoffs, long term unemployment, no health insurance, higher than the national cost of living increases, etc.) But how will the children of the poor ever make the “Generational Leap” out of the vicious cycle of poverty without the stepping stone of education? Where is the Black Elected (appointed) leadership on this? Where are the Democrats?…Oh wait, wait, the Democrats are in control of the U.S. Department of Education!

             How about this:

(1) Provide scholarships instead of loans to the children of the working and unemployed poor (these types of programs got many of us, along with G.I. Bill recipients, through college, and we are now skilled and monetary contributors to America; we are definitely “paying off” our “scholarships”)  (2) Target our HBCU’S with a Science,Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) scholarship and infrastructure fund (STEM labs, technology upgrade, libraries and graduate research resources); as they have an excellent record of actually graduating Black students (perhaps this could offset the millions being raked in by “majority White colleges and universities” by their unpaid Black professional athletes posing as students!) These two actions would seriously prepare the U.S. to meet the future global challenge of a competent and adequate STEM work force; this will become critical as the demographics of the U.S. shifts to a majority Black and Brown population; and other countries (i.e. China, India) begin to absorb their own STEM college graduates. But more important it will close the terrible and immoral wealth gap in our nation.…. New U.S. Department of Education Policies Hamper Black College Enrollment…..