Why can’t a city be too big to fail?

There is something terribly (morally) wrong when a city’s retired civil service workers are being asked to literally pay for the lack of, and/or poor decision making on the part of  the  city’s/state’s political leaders. The working poor in our nation have taken the full blows of an economy that was purposely speculated into distress. And now, the “retired civil service poor”, are being slated to expand the pool of improvised Americans. Civil service pensions are the new Black (people); the cause of the “problem” (fill in the ______________). It is a new and cynical take on “blaming the victim”, “flipping the script”; it is like the placing of Trayvon Martin on trial for creating a situation that forced the victim George Zimmerman to shoot him. That’s it; turn the victim of the crime, into the primary suspect. And it may work, as too few Americans are asking: “is this right?” or, “Is this even fair?”; that is perhaps, until their pensions are reduced.  In Detroit and (now also Chicago, and soon in a city near you); we are being led to believe that the ill-economic health of many of our municipalities is primarily the fault of those civil service “greedy pensioners”. At least we now know who is at fault for the sad state of financial affairs in places like Detroit: Teachers, Health care workers, Bus Drivers, Sanitation Workers, Fire and Safety personnel, etc. What were they thinking about? Going to work every day, serving and sacrificing every day; having money deducted from their bi-weekly paychecks with the hope that when they reached the age when they could no longer perform their duties that a promised agreement between them and their government would be honored. They did not steal, and they did not speculate, and so why are they facing this great betrayal by a government they not only worked for, but believed in? “State legislatures” are being blamed for not legislating “pension reform”; translation: fix the problems of the economy by making the working poor, the retired poor take reductions that push them closer to poverty; while federally rescued corporations (some even in Detroit) and Banks realize stunning record profits. And who is better to blame; the lobby-less and, non- big campaign donator, the pensioners of course. Surely not to blame (we are told) are the “bailed out” speculators that either made bad business decisions; or in some cases criminal decisions, in their endless search for obscene profits. Not the managers and custodians of these pension funds who invested poorly. Not the poor planning of a series of city government officials; including a corrupt mayor who Hip(ped) and then Hop(ed) his way to prison. It is wonderful (I guess) that the governor of Michigan has chosen to put a Black face on this attempt to perpetuate this crime against the working people of Detroit; somehow I am not sure if it will feel less painful if a “brother” steals your pension. What we do know is that many of these pensioners (present and future) are facing an increased cost of living; increased supplemental “out of pocket” health care cost; and living in a city where the value of their homes is rapidly decreasing. There is just no way that these retirees will be able to live in Detroit if they are saddled with radically reduced pensions. And who (be honest) in their right mind is going to actively seek a civil service teaching, nursing, etc. job in Detroit? This will have the effect of dramatically reducing the pool of quality candidates for civil service positions in that city. This Bankruptcy, was always the primary (not secondary) plan, and is not being proposed here to save Detroit; rather its purpose is to clean out Detroit through urban removal (of Black Folks) and “save it” for urban “renewal” by financial speculating vultures (didn’t they start this entire mess?). This group unlike the poor civil service working folks of Detroit, control too big a piece of the financial pie; and have too big of a control of political influence, to fail. They truly, are the only actors in this story who are too big to fail.