“Syria conflict: Kerry says bigger risk not taking action”-BBC

Perhaps the biggest risk is, to just to do “anything”, no matter how well intoned. There is a “cagey” straw man strategy in play here, and I can’t help but  believe that both Secy. Kerry and the POTUS are smart enough to know that they are using it. The public’s resistance is attributed to fears of: Repeating the mistakes of the Iraq experience, and “war wariness”.  No doubt both of these issues are valid reasons to be reluctant to engage young people in the only long term jobs the administration and congress can successfully create for our young people. A job fighting in a war.  But this approach by the administration also ignores the smart learning curve of the public when it comes to the value and benefits of these wars to affirm US “power” in the world. Why not affirm our power through a comprehensive jobs bill that could address our dangerously crumbling infrastructure, and bring dignity and better living conditions to members of our society who have lived under double digit unemployment through bad,  “getting better” and good economic environments. The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is no help here, as they emerge from a  “do nothing” congress, only to become a “say nothing” caucus, by orders of their chairperson Rep. Marcia Fudge (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/05/congressional-black-caucus-syria-_n_3873795.html?utm_hp_ref=politics). They now see their primary role and responsibility not to protect and defend their suffering constituents; but rather as protectors and defenders of the POTUS’s image (Charlie Rangel-D-NY is not being silent in his opposition to this “face saving” tragedy and clearly did not receive, or just simply ignored the memo). In fairness to the CBC, a great deal of opposition from the Republicans is born, and nurtured in his embodiment and reminder of how America is in an irreversible demographic change. The POTUS could voice support for motherhood and apple pie; and there is a block of Republicans who would oppose and reject both. But the CBC should fight for their constituent’s interest, and ignore the dismissive rhetoric and hyperbole of those who will hate  Mr. Obama whether he takes military action, or takes no action. This (in agreement with Mr. Kerry) is surely a time for action. I wish we could see a bold action in gathering educational resources that would allow large numbers of children in our nation to pursue the only viable path that will break the cycle of poverty that plagues their lives. If we could lift the state of siege that violently reduces many of our neighborhoods into war zones. I would like us to do something about the plight of our senior citizens who find their fixed incomes “fixed”, as prices and the cost of living continues to rise. And maybe take action in support of the civil servants of Detroit, who had no part in destroying that city’s economy, and now find that their thought to be “safe” retirement living befits are: “ not too big to be reduced”. Can we do something that would allow the Philadelphia school system to open fully equipped, fully staffed and fully ready to seriously educate that city’s children. I wish we could do something for the homeless, jobless, and the hopeless of our nation; and to borrow the words of Mr. Kerry and Mr. Obama: “To do nothing, is not an option”