The “New Confederacy” IS Very Much Like The “Old Confederacy”

“The rise of the New Confederacy.”– -Colbert King/Washington Post.. 10/5/13


In this “shut-down” scenario the news media has taken the path of least-intellectual effort by promoting, to the advantage of the Republicans; the “broken politics” line. In fact I think that the reason the:  website is having so many problems is because the Democrats (including the White House) have accepted the badly organized “likability polls” (who are they polling anyway, as I suspect that a large number of people who don’t have health insurance, also don’t have home phones) that say that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is unpopular; and so the site was not properly prepared for what is a very popular program. When there is very little knowledge, and a great deal of confusion as to the “true” name of a bill how can the “poll” results be trusted? When people can say all of the parts of the ACA they like; but don’t like the sum of the parts called “Obamacare”; something is missing. When they say that: “they don’t like Obamacare”, and yet; they “do like the Affordable Care Act”; something is very wrong here. The news media has shed more confusion than clarity, by pretending that the ACA is not settled law; that “hostage taking” is in fact a legitimate approach to how bills and laws are created in a democracy. And that is why I am glad that Mr. King has broken ranks with his professional journalism collogues; by speaking truth to the pitiful and petty minded in our Nation. Why can’t “objectivity” simply mean telling the truth? Stating the obvious? Abstain from creating false equivalencies? And most important: Definitely touch that third truth rail of Race. Yesterday I saw three Journalistic events that compare and contrast greatly with Mr. King’s editorial offering. In many ways these three events speak to and represent where we are journalistically with this “shut-down”. (1) Watching a clearly pained and restricted CNN’s Don lemon (I actually felt his pain) listen to what was clearly absolute foolishness spouted by a leader of the Tea-Party; you could see in Mr. Lemon’s body language that he wanted so much to say: “Sir, with all due respect, one-half of what you just said is not true, and the other-half does not make a bit of sense; I am sorry, but you sir, are a dangerous fool.”  I guess it’s hard out here trying to be a good journalist; and I imagine that this shut-down must be an extreme challenge for thoughtful and intelligent journalist like Mr. Lemon, who are forced to stake a line of inquiry on a false middle-ground; and it can’t help that the Republicans daily change the location of where that false ground is to be (2) I Watched Washington Week, hosted by Gwen Ifill when another interesting event took place. Ms. Ifill turned to CNBC’s John Harwood who opened his comments (paraphrasing here) with: “First, we must be truthful about who caused this shut-down….”; well, Ms. Infill quickly switched the topic and commentators; her quick action mirrored the earlier moves of (3) Judy Woodriff who repeatedly tried to shift the “Brooks and Dionne” conversation segment of the NewsHour to fit the PBS party line of: “A broken Washington, where both sides are equally at fault.” But David Brooks to his credit would have nothing of it; he would not sell out his intellectual capability or integrity. He repeatedly stated the obvious, that the Republicans artificially, misguidedly and wrongly created the present shut-down crises.


The Rise and Fall of the “New (old) Confederacy”?


  If I had a Pulitzer vote to offer, Mr. King would get it for this brave sample of truth telling. The national news media has perpetuated a false narrative of “broken politics” because there is no one in an editorial leadership positions who can say: “Wait, why are “both sides” equally guilty?” And; “Why must the president “negotiate” away the essential parts of his presidency, in the doomed hope of placating a group who will only be satisfied when both Mr. Obama and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are completely delegitimized and destroyed. Who negotiates their own destruction? The only thing missing from Mr. King’s opinion piece is that this “New Confederacy” also does not accept or recognize the legitimacy of a Black President. Political differences alone don’t explain why a string of Senators, Governors, House Representatives and local elected officials would go to such an extent to hurt their own uninsured constituents; who are now “gathered” inside of extreme racially concentrated communities. These elected officials can deny these communities access to affordable health care; by labeling it “Obamacare” (meaning: “Obama-scare”) ; and then hope that the “lesser angels” of race hatred in the hearts of these constituents, can overcome their instinctive sense of survival. In many ways this strategic battle plan of the “New Confederacy” is the same as the one utilized by the “Old Confederacy” where wealthy landowners convinced young White men to fight, die and lose a war for: “our” state’s right to exploit other human beings; for the protection of “our” (White) way of life. Little did those confederate soldiers know that slavery actually depressed and restricted their wages and employment opportunities; hindered the South’s evolution into modern industrialization. That slavery artificially created a class of humans who held a status lower than their own; and yet did nothing to elevate the quality of life for the White southern impoverished masses. There is a long heritage of denial through legal and physical violence visited upon the southern Black citizenry that has created a false sense of superiority and progress. This deadly fever would be broken by the civil rights movement; which essentially save the south from itself.  And so, then and now the south finds itself struggling to emerge intellectually, educationally, culturally and spiritually with the rest of modern America. The low information confederate soldier, like the Tea-Party grunts of today; are very much used and exploited as history fillers. They are the last “Gerry-manned” line of defense in a war against sanity and modernity. The new and old confederate troops have much in common; and one of those things, is that they are going to lose. In this case it will not be a Gettysburg type great battle; rather this will be a matter of education, demographics, geographic’s and the march of history. Black people are not returning to the back of the bus; women are not going to relinquish the control of their bodies; gay people are not going to pretend that they don’t exist. And just as a reluctant President Lincoln had to fight the first civil war and win; America must fight and win this second civil war; we must remove the spiritual infection of dream denying; the: “I win when you lose”; the attempt to halt human evolution and development, if we ever hope to realize our true potential as nation.


“The rise of the New Confederacy.” -Colbert King/Washington Post