Addition to my “bucket list”……


Sibling Day? Ok, that’s it, I have seen enough….adding something to my bucket list: Invent a “recognition day”


“Sibling Day”? Karl Marx never imagined that the entrepreneurial class would continually come up with buying and spending ideas on such massively creative  scale. Is Hallmark gearing up? With  the traditional days of historical recognition(i.e. President’s, 4th of July, etc.) having been transformed into: “Shopping extravaganzas”; what’s left but to “invent days”. And we have been “programed” to focus our concern, care and kindness into single celebratory days. Valentine’s Day (full disclosure, I am not crazy, I am not fighting against it!:-) relieves too many of the responsibility of showing how much we appreciate and care about our love interest on the other 364 days of the year. “You get this wonderful attention, for one day, and then I go back to……” Although I am discouraged by the idea of a “Martin Luther King Birthday Mattress Sale”; I am optimistic that at some point (or maybe not); people (sanity) power will prevail. But Marxist (any left?) should not raise their hopes up too high; I am sure that the entrepreneurial marketeers will  be able to adjust to that new reality, and figure out how to make the new reality, make money. In the mean time I am going to contribute to the problem by “inventing” my own day (my own, as it will “Festivus”, for you Seinfeld fans). And so I hereby establish:











And why not? Here in the south they are already ahead of the game and practicing the BLESSED Day greeting: “You’ll, have a BLESSED day now!”