Love is a verb (My apologies to Anna, Ashley and Shawna, and all English teachers.)


“Our whole life is a meditation of our last decision—-the only decision that matters”

                                                                                                                                –Thomas Merton


     It is always the last act of concern, of kindness of attention that matters, for it prepares us and commissions us toward the next set of acts. We can’t “bank” the last good act, love requires us to keep working, and to keep working at and on it. Love is a verb that simply can’t be solely verbalized. There must be some kind of action to: make and “keep it real”. God is love. But God is the opposite of “inaction”; He is in a real sense all and every action; love therefore is without meaning, if it is without action. We are reminded during this Lenten season that “God so love the world that he gave….”. Can we love without giving, without the giving of ourselves? And so if the person “doesn’t get it”; perhaps the reason is that you didn’t send it!. I just spent the entire day yesterday,( and to be continued today); doing heavy labor, and working to help a friend. I was taught that: “anything worth doing, is worth doing well”. For some reason my mind keeps returning to that Mary, Mary “reality” show segment on adultery (a pivotal question was asked by the sister: “did you not love me?” The husband had the “look”; you know the look English teachers. The one that says: “No, you did not call on me(after all, I am slouching in the last row in the last seat, in the back of the room) to respond, when I did not even pick up the book last night, let alone read the assigned pages”)…How can we give our best to others, when we don’t even bother to give our best to ourselves?

       Perhaps, the hardest lesson: How do we get someone (or a people) to believe that the: “Best Effort” is the minimum of what they themselves deserve, and should expect? Why is not working hard to make someone feel secure, comfortable and happy not the acceptable norm? Are we in the age of “effortless” friendly/family-relationships? The main act is not Mary, Mary; rather it is the  “Me & My”  show which has taken center stage in this world, and is very much the center of our religious-worship experience (They preach that :“God wants you to be rich (and therefore); and others poor”); at least one pastor was  being honest when he said: “The poor will always be with us, I just don’t want to be one of them”.  It is as if God’s thinking and power is so small (like our own) that the idea of everyone having an enriched and empowered life never crossed His mind! Sometimes I feel  like my species is extinct, and for some strange reason, I miss the bus, and I am just hanging around waiting for some social-archaeologist to dig me up…..( oh, sorry again English teachers, that is, to excavate me)