The Moral Learning Curve of Alabamerica…

Nothing (despite Roy Moore’s claim of the opposite) was ‘good’ about the period of American slavery. But if America is to be saved from the Bannons, Moores and Trumps, who demagogue themselves into positions of ‘leadership’, by appealing to the must vile, crude, ugly and primitive expressions of the human personality. There must then be a moral counter-force in our nation that will resist these evil persons call for the building of walls, and the destroying of bridges between human beings. And so yesterday, Black Alabama voters “showed up, and showed out!”

It was amazing to go to my polling place yesterday, and see the look in the eyes, and the ‘praise-pep in the step’ in the many Black voters entering and leaving the polling station. It was as if every voter was on a spiritual mission to strike a blow against evil. In many ways Black voters seem to be marching… This occurring in a state that has raised Black voter suppression to a state level governmental policy.

Perhaps for many of these Black voters this was not just an exercise in civic duty; but also a way of exercising the demons that hold Alabama captive to forever serve as the standard punch line for late night talk show host. It was as if they were telling the world, that Alabama is not just what is represented by the GOP’s political hegemony in the state; that indeed there are good, intelligent and decent people in this state. A state whose political image has been damaged by George Wallace, the recently disgraced governor Bentley, and present governor Ivey, along with the US Attorney General Jefferson Davis Sessions; Yes these people may have come from Alabama but both individually and collectively, they have dramatically failed to display anything resembling profiles in courage, compassion and decency.

I probably would not be wrong if I hypothesize that many of those large numbers of Black Americans I saw yesterday were connected to the Christian faith. And so this was also an opportunity for them to reclaim the faith from those who are ‘conveniently flexible’ around the religion’s tenets when it comes to: pedophilia, adultery, and party affiliated political-worldly objectives. As well as to speak spiritual authenticity to those who only care about women having babies, but then care nothing about the well-being of those mothers, or the health and education of those babies once they are born.

If this election proved anything, it’s that mathematically Black America can’t take on the moral conscience burden of the nation alone. We will definitely need to be in partnership with many other decent and compassionate White Americans, that is, if this nation is to truly live out its true calling and purpose. That great distractor Trump was sent to poison and prevent that movement (Obama laid the groundwork) toward a better and more thoughtful America. And like every evil divider-tempter before him in history, he promises more to the few, while diminishing and dismissing the humanity of the many.

But December 12th was a setback for him, and a step up and into a different and better direction. Yes, the moral (“arc of the universe”) learning curve seems to move very slowly; and sometimes even seems, with the election of a Trump, to move backwards, but it is moving–forward, and it is moving in the direction that won’t allow any lie or evil deed to plant permanent seeds of injustice; because there will always be some good people to pull those injustice weeds up by their indecent roots.