In a time of crisis true leadership character emerges…

“Ben Carson Defends Buying $31,000 Dining Set to Congress: ‘I Left It to My Wife’”– NY Times

No matter the job, no matter the amount of money, neither should cause you to throw a love one under the bus. Politics aside, this is just simply disgraceful and despicable human behavior. As a principal and superintendent, I took personal responsibility, and even publicly apologized for ‘something gone wrong’ for which I had no involvement. That is how true leadership acts in a crisis.

Being a leader is a choice, and once you make that choice you should be willing to accept all of the challenges, no matter how difficult, that comes along with that choice. If it is a public education leadership position that means fighting against all forces (all, not just the easy ones), who would seek to deny all of the children in your protective charge, a quality education.
However, being an honest, good and decent person is reasonably within the expected behavior of the average person. But then again Dr. Carson is modeling his behavior after the morally and ethically challenged person who appointed him!

“Ben Carson Defends Buying $31,000 Dining Set to Congress: ‘I Left It to My Wife’