“Having a Bad Mom Doesn’t Mean you will be a Bad Mom – How Foster Care Saved me.”–BY BROOKLYN COCOA MOM

Reading this blog post I could not get through many paragraphs without crying, so many memories, and every reason we should never give up on our children. So many of them, push aside their pain and suffering, and somehow manage to show up to school every day; just ‘being present’ in school for many, is a supreme act of courage. Since she was a teenager, this young lady was always a great source of inspiration for me every day of school; and now as a professional Librarian and wonderful mother, I could not begin to express my pride in the women she has become. This is the true “grit” that fake best-seller award-winning book authors ignore (They have even confused many should-know-better Black folks as to who are the most courageous and ‘grit empowered’ students in public education!) I know you are supposed to ‘let them go’ at graduation; but you can’t control when they make a powerful lasting impression on your heart, forever. Letitia like so many of my former students, has come to represent the full meaning of my life’s love, work and meaning: and as long as I have people like her, then whatever things ‘shows up’ in my life as ‘disappointments’; I can live with them.

“Having a Bad Mom Doesn’t Mean you will be a Bad Mom – How Foster Care Saved me”: