What are the personal and professional attributes of a highly-effective school-building administrator?

Report From The Principal’s Office: A 200-Day Inspirational and Aspirational School Leadership Journal: The Practical Tools for Successfully Realizing the Principalship—Supporting Presently Serving Principals in Their Efforts to Realize a Successful Principalship Practice.

The Principal is the single most significant influencer of a school’s quality-learning/learning-quality environment!

The Principal is either the Chief Professional Development Officer in the school or the Chief underminer and the greatest hindrance to the staff’s professional path-to-proficiency development process.

The Principal is ultimately the single most influential difference-maker in a school’s academic success or failure!

The Principal is the inspirational and aspirational model of the school’s mission (assuming it’s a correctly worded mission statement), or they are not; which means that parts of the school’s mission can be realized only with extreme difficulty (aka luck), or most likely no part of the mission is accomplished!

It’s impossible to decouple leadership power from leadership responsibility; and, most critical, from organizational possibilities. Therefore, if these four hypotheses are true, and my experience as a superintendent leads me to believe that they are true, we need to invest more qualitative and quantitative time and strategic planning “energy” into the identification, preparation, and professional development of school building administrators! Report From The Principal’s Office: A 200-Day Inspirational and Aspirational School Leadership Journal (RFTPO): This is the second in a series of books that seeks to combine pedagogy, practical school-based experiences, and highly-effective school leadership thinking practices in a way that produces school-wide and sustained high academic performance by all students. Most importantly, RFTPO establishes the standards, their descriptive and explanatory rubrics that offer an answer to the question: “What are the personal and professional attributes of a highly-effective school administrator?”

Report From The Principal’s Office: A 200-Day Inspirational and Aspirational School Leadership Journal (https://majmuse.net/report-from-the-principals-office-a-200-day-inspirational-and-aspirational-school-leadership-journal/)

This book is specifically helpful for:

• Those educators who are aspiring to serve in the roles of school-based principals and assistant principals.

• Professional educational practitioners preparing for the state, local or national “School Principal’s Certification Exam” and the school building administrator’s selection/appointment interview.

• Giving district-level and school-based interviewing teams the criteria (standards) for evaluating and selecting a school principal (or AP).

• Outlining the job requirements and job analysis of the principalship; and most important, those critical “unstated” job descriptions and not “contractually codified” (but yet expected) essential duties of a school administrator. Unfortunately, my experience as a superintendent informs me that some principals fail to fully comprehend the critical importance of the “soft-school-leadership-skills” required for the position; this then leads to situations that often undermine and sadly sometimes result in the tragic end of a principal’s professional career.

• Superintendents who want to raise the management, administrative, leadership knowledge, and instructional coaching skills needed by principals to be highly effective school-building leaders. These “talents” are best characterized (and best demonstrated) by a principal having the ability to significantly (across multiple performance cohorts) and consistently (annually) raise students’ academic achievement performance levels school-wide.

• Serving as an excellent study guide for graduate students enrolled in College Educational Leadership, Administration, and Supervision Certification Programs. And also a good note-taking, review, and resource “docuguide” for those aspiring school and district administrators who are fulfilling the Educational Administration requirements for the school-based field experience course-work (and based on my own experience); definitely a place and time when you should take a lot of notes!)

The Author: Michael A. Johnson is a former teacher, principal, and school district superintendent. He led the design, development, and building of two Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics—Career Technical Education (S.T.E.M.—C.T.E.) high schools: Science Skills Center High School, N.Y.C. and Phelps Architecture, Construction, and Engineering High School, Washington DC. An author of a book on school leadership: Report to the Principal’s Office: Tools for Building Successful High School Administrative Leadership (https://reporttotheprincipalsoffice.net/about-the-report-to-the-principals-office-book/). He has served as an adjunct professor of science education at the St. John’s University School of Education. For more biographical information, goto: https://majmuse.net/a-little-about-me/

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